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Jeb Blount

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Elevate your sales game with Jeb Blount, renowned author and speaker. Boost your team's performance and close deals more effectively.

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Unlock Success with Jeb Blount: Elevate sales, leadership, and customer experience. Boost revenue, empower teams, and transform your organization. Book now to harness expert insights for a thriving future.

Why you should book Jeb Blount for your next event

  • Leadership Excellence: Gain unparalleled leadership insights to lead with impact, fostering a high-performance culture that drives success.
  • Customer Love: Elevate customer experiences, building brand loyalty and lasting connections that translate to business growth.
  • Customer Guru: Jeb’s expertise in customer experience shapes brands, fostering loyalty that fuels expansion and lasting impact.

Jeb Blount, a globally respected sales, leadership, and customer experience expert, is renowned for catalyzing success in organizations worldwide. As a bestselling author of 15 books and accolades as a thought leader, Jeb shapes high-performing cultures and propels growth.

With a rich professional background, Jeb optimizes talent, crafts high-performance sales cultures, and enhances leadership skills. His dynamic approach has garnered praise for igniting engaged audiences across the globe, leaving a lasting impact.

Jeb’s keynote speeches are a powerhouse of practical tools, empowering teams to overcome challenges and exceed expectations. His prowess in elevating customer experiences fosters brand loyalty and sustained growth.

Booking Jeb Blount guarantees a dynamic experience that resonates. His transformative insights and proven strategies drive revenue, empower leaders, and enhance customer relationships. Invite Jeb to your event to unlock the keys to success and revolutionize your organization’s trajectory.

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Keynote by speaker Jeb Blount

The five disciplines of ultra-high performance

Learn the mindsets and disciplines of the highest-earning sales professionals.

The ultimate guide to productivity:

In this high-energy, inspirational keynote Jeb takes your audience on an unprecedented journey into the mindsets and core disciplines of the highest earning sales professionals. He walks audience members, step-by-step through the five disciplines of these ultra -high performers:

Your audience will Learn:

  • Time discipline.
  • Pipeline discipline.
  • Probability discipline.
  • Emotional discipline.
  • People discipline

Expected outcomes:

As Jeb weaves these powerful lessons into engaging stories, your audience will laugh and be inspired to take action as they gain deep insight into the activities that maximize sales productivity along with tactics and techniques for actualizing these disciplines in the real world.

Keynote by speaker Jeb Blount

Fanatical prospecting

Fill your pipeline. Crush your numbers.

The ultimate guide to productivity:

Based on Jeb’s mega-bestselling book Fanatical Prospecting, this powerful, high-impact keynote will inspire your audience to think differently about sales prospecting and embrace prospecting activity. Jeb’s no-nonsense style shines in this keynote. He pulls no punches as he delivers the cold, hard truth that “the number one reason for failure in sales is the failure to consistently prospect for new opportunities.” Then he pulls the audience in with examples, stories, and lessons that teach them a systematic process and framework for identifying, engaging, and moving high-value, qualified prospecting into the sales pipeline including:

  • Leveraging an omni-channel approach and sequencing to increase the probability of engaging the right prospect, at the right time, with the right message.
  • How a full pipeline makes sales professionals better closers and negotiators.
  • Time management, targeting, and qualifying strategies for accomplishing more prospecting activity in less time, with better outcomes.
  • How to craft relevant messages that reduce resistance and compel prospects to engage.
  • Hhe core mindsets of fanatical prospectors.

Expected outcomes:

Based on Jeb’s mega-bestselling book Fanatical Prospecting, this powerful, high-impact keynote will inspire your audience to think differently about sales prospecting and embrace prospecting activity. Your audience will gain actionable tactics, tools, and techniques for becoming more proactive and successful with sales prospecting activity.

Keynote by speaker Jeb Blount

Virtual selling

Learn the new psychology of selling.

Master the new way of selling:

Following the global pandemic, buyers’ preferences for interacting with sales professionals changed. According to a McKinsey report on B2B sales, more than 70% of buyers indicate that they prefer virtual meetings with salespeople for some or all interactions. This thought-provoking keynote challenges your audience to embrace virtual selling skills and master a blended omni-channel communication approach that flexes to buyer preferences, accelerates pipeline velocity, shortens sales cycles, and opens the door to closing more sales, in less time, at a lower cost of time, energy, and money.

Important lessons include:

  • How to get past the fear of virtual selling and leverage human psychology to build relationships, shape buying decisions, and advance opportunities through the pipeline on virtual sales calls.
  • How to deliver engaging virtual demos and presentations.
  • The keys to mastering the technical and human elements of impactful video sales calls.
  • Powerful video messaging strategies for engaging hard to reach stakeholders.
  • How to leverage a blended virtual/physical selling approach to gain a decisive competitive edge and shorten the sales cycle.

Expected outcomes:

Virtual selling can be challenging for sellers. It’s more difficult to make human to human connections and it’s natural to feel insecure in front of a camera.   The insights and techniques delivered in this keynote will help your sellers gain greater confidence in their ability to effectively engage prospects and customers through virtual communication channels. With this newfound confidence, their success will soar.

Keynote by speaker Jeb Blount

Sales EQ

Leverage sales-specific emotional intelligence to close the complex deal.

The ultimate guide to sales psychology:

Legions of salespeople are coming face to face with a cold hard truth: What once gave salespeople a competitive edge – controlling the sales process, command of product knowledge, and a great presentation – are no longer guarantees of success.

Likewise, a relentless onslaught of “me-too” competitors has made differentiating on the attributes of products, services, and price more difficult than ever.

Buyers’ expectations have also changed. They expect and demand more from their interactions from sellers than a canned pitch of the company’s marketing brochures. They want a better buying experience.

In this provocative keynote, Jeb builds the case for why the buyer’s emotional experience, while going through the buying journey with the salesperson, has proven to be a more consistent predictor of outcome than any other variable. Then, through engaging stories and illustrations, he demonstrates why sales professionals who’ve developed high sales-specific emotional intelligence (Sales EQ) consistently outperform their peers.

In this message Jeb walks the audience through important lessons including:

  • The key elements of high sales EQ.
  • Why emotional discipline is at the heart of sales success and how to manage the seven disruptive emotions that derail salespeople.
  • How to answer each buyer’s five most important questions so that it becomes nearly impossible for them to say no.
  • The neuroscience of influence, gaining control of sales conversations, and advancing opportunities through the pipeline.
  • How to compel buyers to lean in, grab their attention, and keep them engaged.

Expected outcomes:

This entertaining and educational keynote takes your audience on a fascinating journey into the new psychology of sales and the real science behind influence, persuasion, and shaping buying decisions. They’ll learn the secrets to building deep relationships, keeping stakeholders engaged, and separating themselves from competitors by delivering a legendary buying experience.

Keynote by speaker Jeb Blount

The relentless pursuit of yes

The keys to breaking through rejection & sealing the deal.

Turn fear of rejection into persistence that pays:

For as long as salespeople have been asking buyers to make commitments, buyers have been throwing out objections. And, for as long as buyers have been saying no, salespeople have yearned for the secrets to avoiding the inevitable rejection.

But there is no avoiding rejection in sales. To be successful, sales professionals must learn to face rejection, effectively handle objections, and keep moving.

In his signature right-to-the-point style, Jeb comes right out of the box to address the truth about rejection: We fear it more than death; and, unchecked, the fear of rejection can become a debilitating demotivator for sales professionals that leads to failure. Yet, the fear of rejection isn’t an irrational psychological disorder. Instead, it’s a natural human reaction based in neuroscience.

Then, he deftly leverages “edge-of-your-seat” stories of persistence and overcoming gut-wrenching emotional obstacles, to give the audience the keys to pushing through fear, becoming rejection proof, and developing an unstoppable mindset.

Finally, through live audience interaction he demonstrates how combining this new awareness with proven objection turn-around frameworks and techniques, salespeople can rise above their disruptive emotions and easily turn NO into YES.

The audience will learn a new psychology for turning-around objections and techniques that work with today’s more informed, in control, and skeptical buyers gaining deep insight into:

  • The most important discipline in sales and why persistence is a meta-skill in the new, hyper-competitive marketplace.
  • The science behind the hurt and how to become rejection-proof.
  • Why buyers resist and throw out objections.
  • How to use the Ledge technique to instantly gain control of disruptive emotions and respond to any objection with poise.
  • Proven objection turn-around frameworks that give sellers confidence and control without sounding phony.

Expected outcomes:

The audience will walk away with the confidence to face and effectively handle objections in any selling situation.

Keynote by speaker Jeb Blount

People follow you

How top leaders build unstoppable teams.

The art of building an incredible team:

In this powerful keynote, your audience learns the real secret to building and leading high-performance teams in today’s fast paced, ever-changing workplace.

Through humor, stories, and thought-provoking insights Jeb gets right to the heart of what it takes to be an inspiring and effective leader in the modern workplace.

In his trademark, no-nonsense style, he challenges leaders to take a hard look in the mirror and consider how their behaviors may be holding them back. Then leads them on a journey through the keys to becoming a leader for whom people will run through walls. The audience will gain insight into:

The audience will gain insight into:

  • Why leadership is personal.
  • The five principles of leadership.
  • The two questions leaders must answer for the people who follow them.
  • How leaders build a strong foundation of trust.
  • The three pillars of leading high-performing teams.
Keynote by speaker Jeb Blount

Motivation, leverage, power, & the art of closing the sale

Learn the secrets of the ‘chessboard’ of sales.

The ultimate guide to productivity:

Closing the sale is strategic and tactical. Part chess match. Part poker game. In this emotionally charged atmosphere, they often lose to savvy competitors or acquiesce to buyer demands, taking the path of least resistance to a commission check with discounts and hard to keep promises.

Sales audiences LOVE this mindset shifting keynote, that takes them on an unprecedented journey onto the “chess board of sales.” They learn how ultra-high performers leverage Jeb’s game changing MLP Strategy to flip the script and bend win probability in their favor to crush competitors and confidently close more deals at higher prices and favorable terms.

Your audience will Learn:

  • The real secret to holding prices and avoiding discounting.
  • The new psychology of closing and how to leverage key human influence frameworks to bend buyer behaviors.
  • How to use leverage to control the sales and buying processes.
  • How to improve their power position by neutralizing the buyer’s perceived alternatives.
  • How the answers to five questions make it almost impossible for buyers to say no.
Keynote by speaker Jeb Blount

Jeb unplugged

Our most popular and creative keynote.

Your audience’s questions answered:

Audiences and meeting planners rave about “Jeb Unplugged.” In our most popular and creative keynote for small and medium sized events, Jeb shapes the keynote content around your audience in real time.

This keynote features audience members asking questions directly – often voicing their personal sales challenges. Jeb teaches through his answers while interacting and often role-playing with participants. It’s engaging, energizing, funny, and inspiring.

Participants will laugh, learn, and be on the edges of their seats for the entire event! It’s an audience favorite and your post conference reviews will be off the chart.

  • Highly engaging.
  • A keynote built around your audience’s current challenges and concerns.
  • Anecdotal storytelling that generates high-impact learning.
  • Funny, energetic, will be the hit event of the year.
  • Inspiring, motivating, and a high boost of morale.
Watch Jeb Blount in action

Emotional Intelligence Is A Critical Strength For Salespeople | Jeb Blount & Robin Hills

See keynotes with Jeb Blount
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