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David Meerman Scott

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American strategist, marketing and sales expert known for his new perspectives on marketing, sales and PR

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Our keynote speaker David Meerman Scott is an acclaimed author of ten books, including the bestseller and business classic “The New Rules of Marketing and PR.” David is an American strategist and known for his new ways of looking at sales, marketing and PR. David’s ideas have captured many international firms and businesses and his high-energy keynote presentations are inspiring and entertaining.

Today, we know that some of the most famous and well-known marketing and PR theories are outdated and dusty. We have to be innovative in our strategy while being able to predict future trends and circumstances. This is where speaker David Meerman Scott enters the frame. David has a real-time mindset and a fearless approach that allows him to think differently and provide low-cost, fresh and effective strategies to PR, marketing and sales. David is also the man behind the 2015 buzzword “Newsjacking” and is an impossible name to avoid in the PR world.

Keynote speaker David Meerman Scott has real-life experience in marketing and is a true globalist. He moved to Tokyo at 26 to establish the Japan office of a Wall Street Real-Time economic advisory firm and has since spoken in more than 41 countries on all continents. David is the author of ten books, including three international bestsellers.

As a speaker David Meerman Scott is inspiring, engaging and entertaining. His keynotes consist of success stories, videos and bold photos that underline his ideas and theories and captivates his audience. David is available for keynotes as well as workshops and coaching sessions.

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Keynote by speaker David Meerman Scott

Fanocracy- Turning Fans into Customers and Customers into Fans

Why do some brands, even in supposedly mundane categories like car insurance and enterprise software, attract not just customers, or even loyal customers, but passionate
fans? These brands have learned to provide the human connection people are now longing for. David Meerman Scott calls it a Fanocracy. Creating fandom isn’t just for actors, athletes musicians and authors. Fandom can be rocket fuel for any company or organizations that chooses to focus on inspiring nurturing true fans.

  • Speaker David provides inspiring examples based off of his book “Fanocracy”.
  • His how-to methods on offbeat and mainstream businesses and organizations that have harnessed passion to create fans- both internal and external.
  • Making businesses personal may be the most powerful business strategy of all time especially in a time of digital transformation.
Keynote by speaker David Meerman Scott

The New Rules of Marketing and PR

Engaging customers on their own terms is the business survival skill of our time. Business is different today, we all know it. It’s a scary idea to set aside outdated beliefs and dusty old strategies but those old ways can cost you money.

  • Speaker Meerman reveals fresh, measurable and low- and no-cost strategies to instantly and directly reach audience members.
  • Scott uses the best examples of success from a wide variety of small to large groups in inspiring confidence by trying new ideas
  • Real-time mindset drives strategy in a world where speed and agility win, Speaker David shows audience members the ropes in how you also, could win
  • Winning the hearts and minds of people crucial to your success and profability.
Keynote by speaker David Meerman

Real-Time Strategies to Grow Sales

The problem being that the way that companies sell is not the way people buy.  Buyers are bypassing the traditional selling model altogether but they are learning your market, competitors, products and services and what your customers feel. The boundaries between sales and marketing and how its driven a revolution in sales and services have gotten blurry, David effectively leads the way.

  • David shows how the best salespeople and sales organizations have become information curators
  • Real-time social selling gains more customers with fewer resources and David offers examples of achieving sale success right now.
David Meerman Scott - video

Keynote by speaker David Meerman Scott

Watch speaker David Meerman Scott in action!

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David knocked our partners' socks off at Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference. Out of 231 sessions presented this year at WPC, David again makes it into the coveted "Top 10" Presenter Effectiveness

Megan Casey

Leadership Track Manager at Microsoft

David, you delivered the most practical and powerful marketing presentation I've seen. Outstanding ! Thank you!

Tony Robbins

American Author

One of those select few people who saw and understood the social media phenomenon as it began"


Media Company

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