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Tom Fitzsimons

Personal Trainer and Educator
Country: UK

Keynote speaker Tom Fitzsimons is a former alcoholic with a captivating story of perseverance, determination and success. His battle with alcoholism and his inspiring story captivates audiences and motivates individuals to take action and achieve success.

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Tom Fitzsimons is one of the most Inspirational Alcoholic you will ever meet!

He is a family man, a professional speaker, a business man, a personal trainer, an educator and charity fundraiser.

Tom’s battle with alcohol began at the age of thirteen and by the age of thirty three his drinking was leading him to an early grave.  On August 27 2007, He started to take the first difficult steps into sobriety.  Today, he is glad that he has never looked back.

In 2008 he started Effort Personal Training, then in 2010 he left his 20 year career in the Utilities industry to concentrate on building the ‘Effort’ brand and to begin telling his inspirational story, The 3 Cs – Cause, Consequence, Cure.

He is a keen distance runner and in April 2010 he completed the Marathon des Sables running 250km through the Sahara desert.

Tom’s story has been covered in the press, including The Sun, and ITVs This Morning. Tom was one of the subjects of a BBC2 Horizon Programme – ‘Miracle Cure? – A Decade of the Human Genome’.  Tom has also been one of the featured guests on BBC Radio Leeds One on One with Liz Green.

    Keynote by Speaker Tom Fitzsimons

    • The keynote, The 3 Cs – Cause Consequence and Cure is based on my Tom’s life experience, it is a true and gritty story about why he started drinking, the problems he encountered, and how he managed his personal recovery.  This keynote is highly emotive and will captivate audiences and inspire change.
    • Additional to The 3Cs – Attitude, achievement, change and personal growth are just some of the other subjects Tom can focus on.
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