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Silvia Garcia

Former Global Director of the Happiness Institute at Coca-Cola and expert on positive leadership
Country: USA

Keynote speaker Silvia Garcia is passionate about making the world a little happier. She delivers keynotes on the topic of positive leadership and creating happy workplaces. Silvia offers valuable insights while sharing her experiences to leaders, HR managers and communications specialists across the world.

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Before Silvia Garcia become a public speaker, she had a successful career in communications and marketing at Coca-Cola. In 2006, she became the Global Director of the Happiness Institute at Coca-Cola where she worked with positive leadership and cultural change, and during her time there, the Happiness Institute became a world reference. Today, Silvia is the founder of two companies; Feel Logic and Happiest Places to Work. Both companies help businesses reach their full potential through positive leadership and developing a corporate culture that supports and encourages happiness at work.

Several studies have shown how happiness at work and positive leadership increase productivity, performance and success and lead to an increased bottom line. Silvia has worked with several companies on creating brands and communications that lead to positive connotations and happy employees. Silvia is a recognized expert on happiness and high performance, and she has collaborated with some very influential people including the Prime Minister of Bhutan; founder of positive psychology, Martin Seligman; and Director of the Worldwide Report on Happiness, Jeffrey Sachs.

As a popular and knowledgeable speaker Silvia Garcia has advised several companies and spoken in front of many different audiences and continues to change and improve cultures, employee engagement and customer satisfaction all over the world. Silvia always uses the latest research on neuroscience, happiness and positive psychology in her keynotes to ensure that her clients can benefit and learn. She also uses the first scientific audit of happiness at work which is valid for any culture. Silvia speaks on a variety of topics and below are listed some of her most popular keynotes.

Watch speaker Silvia Garcia in action

    Keynote by speaker Silvia Garcia

    Starting or Growing a Happiness Culture based on science

    • In this informative keynote, Silvia Garcia will go through the eight ingredients that are required to create a happiness culture. This keynote is based on science and research and will undoubtedly be beneficial to anyone looking to change culture and increase happiness or starting a company.
    • The audience will discover the incredible advantage of having a happiness culture and get important insights and tools to change their strategy, communication and culture to foster the eight important ingredients.

    Keynote by speaker Silvia Garcia

    Fueling Happiness

    • 40% of our happiness is based on our actions alone. In this interesting talk, Silvia will explain the importance of having a happiness culture at work. With examples and research from neuroscience and positive psychology, Silvia will make her audience understand how and why happiness is an important part of business.
    • The audience will learn that happiness is not a result of being successful – it’s a requirement to become successful. They will go home knowing that they have the power and tools to change their performance and success rate.

    Keynote by speaker Silvia Garcia

    ON/OFF – Killing stress before it kills you

    • This inspiring keynote uncovers the mechanism of stress as Silvia takes her audience through the strategies and tools needed to use stress as an advantage to boost performance.
    • The audience will learn how to control stress and stop harmful habits that lead to stress. Silvia teaches her audience how to recharge the body and soul and avoid burning out.

    Keynote by speaker Silvia Garcia

    Why A Positive Culture Is The Ultimate Economic Advantage

    • In this eye-opening keynote, Silvia Garcia explains how positive leadership and happiness at work lead to results and economic growth. The audience will also discover the consequences of not engaging in a happiness culture.
    • The audience will learn how to encourage happy and productive employees as well as how to implement a happiness culture that can actually be measured to show progress. This keynote is relevant for corporate managers, HR, founders and CEOs.
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