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Pete Cohen

Life Coach and Motivational Speaker
Country: UK

Pete Cohen is a professional life coach and motivational speaker. He teaches, inspires and assists people to overcome personal challenges in a calm and inspiring manner. The keynote speaker Pete Cohen has the personality and skill to change people’s lives.

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Our speaker Pete Cohen has made himself a reputation as a motivational coach, business consultant, life strategist and bestselling author to become one of the most sought after speakers on personal development.

Pete Cohen has a talent to understand people and their limitations. In his coaching sessions, Pete Cohen finds out what stops people from leading more productive and fulfilled lives. He is driven by his wish to inspire clarity of purpose in people, knowing that by doing so they will become more positive, more productive and more receptive to change.

Possessing an exceptional background, the renowned speaker Pete Cohen is regarded as an authority on motivation by the world of sport, having coached world-class athletes and sporting greats, such as Sally Gunnell, Ellen MacArthur and Ronnie O’Sullivan in achieving peak performance and overcoming adversity. Pete’s impressive portfolio of business clients include over 200 different major corporations including RBS, BAA, Coutts, O2, Vodafone, Marks & Spencers, IBM and Northern Rock. His speeches and motivational workshops can be tailored to his client’s specific needs.

The sessions are rather structured conversations than classic keynote talks. Pete Cohen uses his energetic style to animate his attendees and enables them to form greater understanding of their individual and collective goals.

With his energetic nature and passion about coaching, our speaker Pete Cohen is able to deliver valuable content in a highly interactive and motivating manner.

    Keynote by Speaker Pete Cohen

    Shut the Duck up

    The ever changing business climate, the relentless pace of working, the ever-increasing pressure to manage costs and still out-perform year-on-year, the importance of managing our own personal brands and reputations, the expectations others place on us to achieve the impossible and show willing.

    How can we cope with these pressures defines our character; our character defines how able we are to manage the interference and deliver time after time. What is this quacking in our heads all about?

    In this presentation, the keynote speaker Pete Cohen will explain how to:

    • Remove self doubts and how to Shut The Duck Up
    • Improve self confidenceTap into our untapped potential


    Keynote by Speaker Pete Cohen

    Maximizing your motivation

    Everyone knows that motivation is vital to the success of any workforce. The problem with many motivational presentations is that people can get inspired by the achievements of others and even feed off the presenter’s enthusiasm. However, this motivation often wears off.

    Pete Cohen’s high energy motivational presentation is unique as he shares the secrets of:

    • How to increase self-motivation
    • How to inspire yourself and others
    • How to build confidence and increase self-belief


    Keynote by Speaker Pete Cohen

    Leadership in the 21st CENTURY

    The traditional concept of a leader being the directing chief at the top of a hierarchy is nowadays a very incomplete appreciation of what true leadership must be. The keynote speaker Pete Cohen will share in this presentation how leadership in the 21st century does not necessarily require great technical or intellectual capacity.

    Good leadership in the modern age more importantly requires attitudes and behaviours which characterise and relate to humanity.


    Keynote by Speaker Pete Cohen

    Winning at WEIGHT LOSS

    In this presentation, Pete Cohen explains exactly what people need to do to only lose weight and keep it off but more importantly give people the tools to make being healthy, fit and well apart of everyday life.

    These presentations are all backed up with people being able to follow Pete’s online weight loss programme where they get coached on a daily basis for 21 days.

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