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Klisman Murati

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World Affairs Analyst & Consultant

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Speaker Klisman Murati is a world affairs and business analyst. He is also the owner of the specialist consultancy, Pangaea Wire. Klisman has been featured in the media several times during some of the most important changes and events like Brexit. Klisman is an experienced speaker and his knowledge and insight is valuable for many businesses.

As an expert on many different topics like global trends, blockchain and political risk, speaker Klisman Murati is sought after by many. Klisman has also authored many articles and policy papers, and his years of experience are valuable to his clients. Speaker Klisman Murati also serves as an expert adviser to the European Commission and has assisted the Parliament on human rights and security issues.

As a speaker Klisman Murati has been called charismatic, dynamic and talented. As a previous actor, Klisman has a way of capturing the audience’s attention, and his extensive knowledge in business and world affairs can really make a difference for many corporate firms, governments and organizations. Klisman continues to educate himself and currently holds five degrees and certifications including outer space security, human rights, anti-corruption and money laundering to name a few. If you’re looking for someone to tell you the ins and outs of a global trend, Klisman is the speaker for you. Klisman can speak on a variety of topics and likes to customize his keynotes to fit your specific needs. Below are just four examples of some of his most popular.

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    Speaker Klisman Murati

    Keynote by Speaker Klisman Murati

    The Anthropology of Globalisation: Why our Social Make-Up Is Working against Us

    • We hear from countless sources and in equal measure the positives and negatives of globalisation. For some, globalisation has widened opportunities for many but in the same vein it has left some feeling disenfranchised and unhappy.   
    • In this keynote, Klisman provides a refreshing and critical insight into the limits of our ability to be a truly globalised world.
    • This talk will help us understand why business thrived in a globalised world, but our ability to connect with one another on a global level to solve issues such as human rights, poverty and development have fallen by the wayside and what if anything we can do to bridge that gap.

    Keynote by Speaker Klisman Murati

    Outer Space Sovereignty and the Changing Nature of Warfare

    • The dangers and technological advancements in outer space are virtually unknown by the average person on the street yet its influence and repercussions are such that can affect every single person on earth.
    • What happens when space becomes a new theatre for war? and who is allowed to claim sovereignty over it? Understanding the fundamental issues at play is key to understanding what type of future the human race will live to see.
    • Join Klisman Murati as he breaks down the issues and sheds light on the most fascinating topic you will have the pleasure of attending this year.

    Keynote by Speaker Klisman Murati

    The Future of the European Project: Identity, Inclusion or a New Age?

    • Historically, Europe has been a theatre of war, diplomacy, trade, innovation and collaboration. The European Union represents the longest standing union the continent has seen.
    • Moreover, it is out of this union that European ideals have emerged that have held the hearts and minds of its political establishment. Why has the European model won? And what happens to the identity of Europe when this consensus is disturbed? What will be the result of mass migration and the accession of the Balkan nations on the identity of Europe?
    • These are questions Klisman will answer in this fascinating and informative keynote.

    Keynote by Speaker Klisman Murati

    How to Create a System for the Many: Why BITCOIN Is Not the Answer

    • The world is experiencing a time which holds no precedent, and we are facing challenges and creating opportunities at rates never seen before. Why is this happening? A fundamentally flawed and self-serving economic system say many, the solution – cryptocurrencies!
    • Klisman disagrees… The advent of cryptocurrencies has promised us many things, including, a more fair and just economic system. But how are these claims living up to reality?
    • In this keynote, Klisman delves deep into this claim and asks: Do cryptocurrencies really have the ability to topple the current financial status quo? And what are the dangers of buying into this movement wholeheartedly?

Interview with Klisman Murati

How do audiences gain from your keynote presentations?

One of the best things about being a speaker on my topic expertise is the sheer number of people it effects. Whether you are a mother in Kenya, a student in China or a CEO of a US Fortune 500 company my topic expertise effects all three of them.

Because I take the time to craft my talks to the nature and message of each individual event, audiences can expect me to answer their questions and help them form a better understanding of world events which impact them and their clients.

The world is experiencing a time which holds no precedent, we are facing challenges and creating opportunities at rates never seen before. In times like these, it is important to have a trusted, clear and reliable voice that can add value to your understanding by making sense of the data and who can also provide the resources and insight to issues that make a difference to you and your mission.

Describe yourself in 3 words – why these words? 

Ambitious – This is in my nature, and I think it is a critical characteristic to have if one has a desire to tackle issues of world affairs. Being as large and interconnected as they are, my desire to understand them and then formulate solutions to critical issues and then to transmit them in spoken word takes ambition.

Adaptable – This characteristic permeates through almost all aspects of my life. I have been to over 10 different schools in my youth, I have studied topics from psychology, anthropology, outer space, money laundering, human rights, the dramatic arts and science. I am able and comfortable in initiating conversations with people from different parts of the world and from different social strata and I have a very unique ability to understand complex social, business and political issues from different parts of the world and communicate them to an array of audiences from Prime Ministers, corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, and the man on the street in language they understand and appreciate.

Memorable – Because of the first two characteristics, my audiences, friends and one-time encounters all take something from me they will never forget. Whether it be a keynote on new insights into the future of business, a helping hand on a personal ambition or a chance encounter with a tourist looking for directions or a place to eat. My energy and passion will shine through.

What kinds of clients have you worked with in the past?

Given the nature of my expertise, I am lucky to work with and lend my voice to a wide array of clients including corporates, think tanks, government, start-ups and academic institutions.

What’s the biggest challenge facing global businesses today? 

The biggest challenge and opportunity is simply the fact that business is truly global. We have the ability in business now to reach a wider audience with increasingly cheaper methods. No matter what industry you are in, your ability to reach and connect with your audiences and customers are at a level never seen before. However, this reach also comes with responsibilities, responsibilities that if not tended to will end up costing the global community a price they not only didn’t expect but are unable to pay.

If we truly believe that business is there to provide solutions to problems the global business community must make sure they are not causing more issues that they are solving. Having and maintaining a clear mission statement that can facilitate the age of global commerce is very important and as far as macro-business challenges go this is most certainly at the top of the list.

What’s the biggest global trend at the moment? 

This really depends on what you are specifically looking at, but in a general sense, a major trend/force that we have been seeing in world affairs is the growth and penetrability of technology. From farmers in India to students in Switzerland the ability to access technology is a global trend I think we will only continue to see growing. Things like smartphones and platforms like Facebook are truly global phenomena causing a common social language to form around the world. Through these technologies, we can expect ideas and processes to spread on mass as rapid rates never really seen before.

What are 3 habits for success?

Having an intention: This is the first step in anything you pursue. You must have a clear intention to action. You must know what you want clearly. From there you put into place what you need to succeed. If you do not know what you want you must make an intention to find that out. The intention will be there for you so you don’t lose direction, it is the essential first step to becoming a success. If not you will sail through life like a ship with destination – inevitably you will sink. So have an intention.

FOCUS: Next, to define and reach a goal one must have focus. Focus clarifies your aims and intentions and allows you to get to your destination. Your focus must be laser sharp and long term. It’s when you lose focus things start getting confusing and you get frustrated and you give up. You will find that the more focused you are the more passion and enthusiasm you have – that is because you are truly in the eye of the storm and you can see opportunities and face difficulties with more clarity. Would you trust a dentist with foggy goggles? I don’t think so, so why go through your life with an unfocused mind? – Focus is key.

Passion: I have never seen a reluctant success. I have never seen an Olympian who has won the gold medal in the 100m saying in a post-win interview they would rather be fishing. Everything in their soul and heart wanted that win and they were willing to have an intention to win and have focus. Eat-sleep-swim – that was what Michael Phelps diary consisted of. You must have a passion for what you want because if you do not, no matter if you have the other two you will get bored, or give up at the smallest frustration because your heart is not in it. Remember – nobody is a reluctant champion. So work on your passion.

See keynotes with Klisman Murati
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