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Henri Nyakarundi

Social Entrepreneur with a mission to fight poverty through green business
Country: Rwanda

Keynote speaker Henri Nyakarundi is a social entrepreneur and motivational speaker. Henri has dedicated his life to fight poverty through sustainable solutions and green energy. As an expert in innovation and green business, he has started sharing his knowledge and passion through engaging keynotes.

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Why you should book speaker Henri Nyakarundi

  • Henri Nyakarundi has worked with social entrepreneurship and renewable energy for the last 10 years. Henri has become a well-respected voice within his field and his expertise is sought after in Africa.
  • As a talented communicator, Henri keeps his keynotes understandable and to-the-point. He is an experienced public speaker and provides perspective and clarity to green business.

After keynote speaker Henri Nyakarundi graduated with a Computer Science degree in America, he realized that a 9 to 5 job wasn’t for him. In his heart, he was an entrepreneur. Henri went on to live his dream and started developing construction businesses in both Burundi and the US. He later on realized that renewable energy was his true passion and it felt meaningful and fulfilling to him. Henri has since founded ARED, which is an tech company with the only one-stop shop solar kiosk in Africa. He has described his journey of returning home to Africa after studying and living abroad for 17 years in his book “My African Dream: One man’s journey back home”.

Henri is an expert on social entrepreneurship, innovation and green technology. He has already shed a light on some of the major problems and challenges in Africa as well as possible solutions and possibilities. Henri truly is a respected entrepreneur, mentor and speaker with a credible approach to green solutions and green business.

Henri continues to fight poverty through sustainable solutions but is also very driven by leadership and showing the new generation of leaders that anything is possible. The future lies in our hands, and Henri is determined to prove that business should go hand in hand with nature.

    Keynote by speaker Henri Nyakarundi

    Social Enterprise

    • Henri has been working as a social entrepreneur for the last 6 years, and he has accumulated a lot of experience in that field especially working with several NGO’s. In this keynote, he provides insights into social entrepreneurship.

    Keynote by speaker Henri Nyakarundi

    African Tech

    • Henri’s company, ARED, is a technology for social good company. Henri and his team have a lot of experience in product and software development, what works and does not work. With having won 10 international competitions with the technologies, Henri discusses African tech in this eye-opening keynote.

    Keynote by speaker Henri Nyakarundi

    African Entrepreneurship

    • Doing business in Africa is not like any other continent. In this keynote, Henri presents the challenges and possibilities of African entrepreneurship. This keynote is perfect for any upcoming entrepreneurs in Africa or anyone interested in doing business with Africa.
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