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Change agent committed to diversity, innovation and inclusion

Lauren Maillian

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Marketing expert supports businesses to boost their marketing while keeping equality a key factor and to help give your business a whole new focus.

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Lauren Maillian is a change agent committed to diversity, innovation, equity, and inclusion. She’s an award-winning marketer, prolific investor, advisor, entrepreneur, and board member with a multi-hyphenate career spanning over 15 years. She advised and invested in over 40 startups and her portfolio represents over $5 billion in market capitalization.

Reasons to book Lauren Maillian

  • She was honored at The White House with an Empact100 Award by the Kauffman Foundation for being one of the top 100 entrepreneurs under 30 in the United States.
  • Lauren brings her trademark energy and refreshing candor to her public speaking abilities to capture the hearts and minds of audiences globally from all walks of life.
  • She has spoken all over the world at various conferences and for Fortune 100 and 500 brand such as: Google, LinkedIn, Pennsylvania Women’s Conference, Shell, Bloomberg and many others.

Lauren is the CEO of digitalundivided, the leading nonprofit leveraging data, programs, and advocacy to catalyze economic growth for Black and Latinx women entrepreneurs and innovators. The mission is to create a greater world in which all women of color own their work and worth. Lauren took the helm to evolve and grow the organization to further support women of color entrepreneurs, especially in the wake of the racial reckoning amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

With a deep understanding of consumer brands and culture, she is a serial entrepreneur of a number of ventures committed to brand building and investment. Lauren is also the Founder and CEO of LMB Group, a strategic marketing and advisory company partnering with brands like Cover Girl. She also started Straight Up and Successful, a women-focused community and professional development platform.

A pioneer in the tech and funding space, Lauren was the first Black woman to start an early-stage venture capital fund, as a founding partner and managing director at Gen Y Capital Partners. At 19, Lauren became the youngest winery owner in the country, co-founding the internationally recognized Sugarleaf Vineyards.

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Own Your Work AND Your Worth:

What we see in women of color at home translates into some of the most powerful business examples of stewardship over money. People of color are not given the opportunity to create economic pathways that are more than a flash in the pan moment, but they are capable of success that is sustainable because of their resilience and ability to pivot. Lauren has worked to break the cycles that have prevented people of color to be seen, valued, appreciated, and respected for who they are, and not stereotypes associated with some kind of further disenfranchisement.

Keynote topic by Lauren Maillian

The Path Redefined: Getting to the Top of Your Own Terms

Lauren shares her own path to personal growth and offers the valuable lessons she learned along the way. In this talk, Lauren empowers women to dream big and challenges them to push themselves outside of their comfort zone to maximize their full potential and become pioneers by embracing risk and seizing opportunity. Become comfortable with who you are, and learn to maintain your voice amidst the noise of modern society. Learn to recalibrate how you define success, normalcy and sanity with real solutions and practical insight so you can thrive!

Keynote topic by Lauren Maillian

An Entrepreneur’s Harmonious Roadmap for Success

At age 19, Lauren founded her first business, an internationally recognized and award-winning wine brand, by 25 she founded a boutique marketing firm specializing in strategic marketing and branding of luxury goods, and by 26 she was passionate about technology startups and began advising and investing in early stage companies. In this talk, Lauren will share her harmonious roadmap for success and the lessons learned along the way that have helped her redefine her career.

Keynote topic by Lauren Maillian

Lauren’s Marketing Mix: Insights For Winning the Consumer’s Head and Heart

Ever since Lauren’s time as the youngest winery owner in the US at 19 years old, she has propelled herself, and her businesses through story-first branding that evokes emotion in the consumer.

Her strategy has been built around three key principles:

  • Create a direct connection to the consumer
  • Harness the power of storytelling
  • Future proof your strategy

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Meet Lauren Maillian

Lauren Speaking 2020 TransformHer

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