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Sheila Robinson-Kiss

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Health and wellness expert and educator on a mission to help individuals and organizations reduce stress

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Speaker Sheila Robinson-Kiss is a licensed health and wellness expert committed to helping people all over the world. As a Super Provider and Educator, Sheila offers her clients the tools required to reduce stress in our fast-paced world. Her keynotes are fun, interactive and uplifting while also packed with effective evidence-based strategies. She is a trusted consultant over various service industries, having reached over 600,000 individuals with her training programs.

Why you should book Speaker Sheila Robinson-Kiss

  • Sheila is a licensed health and wellness practitioner, with over 20 years of experience.
  • She can give you the right tools and strategies to improve your life immediately.
  • Her keynotes are always a touching and a memorable experience.

In our noisy and fast pace world, stress management must be one of our top priorities. As a committed mental health and wellness expert, speaker Sheila Robinson-Kiss offers strong stress management solutions to people all over the world.

By partnering with more than 80 state agencies including American Family Insurance and Wells Fargo Advisors, Sheila delivers influential programs promoting work-life balance. In 2017 she was named a Leading Woman Entrepreneur as a result of her efforts and commitment.

As an award-winning speaker Sheila Robinson-Kiss shows people how to take responsibility for their lives, careers and feelings. She also knows the tools required to reduce stress and to sustain an optimal work-life balance.

Keynotes with Sheila are both enjoyable and filled with the strategies necessary for improvement. Moreover, her presentations are always a memorable and touching experience as she approaches all audiences with great empathy. As a result, people leave Sheila’s keynotes with the inspiration to live a happy and balanced life.

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Keynote by speaker Sheila Robinson-Kiss

Emerge; Using the Power of Mindset to Up Level Performance

Motivation is temporary and mindset is long-lasting. In this interactive, high energy keynote, attendees are asked to accept four challenges designed to catapult them into a fresh mindset that up levels sustained work/life performance. By using memorable stories and harnessing the energy of the audience, an unforgettable experience is a booking away.

Audience takeaways:

  • In this presentation, Sheila explains the reasons why mindset goes the distance when motivation has long faded.
  • She will ignite a fire within the hearts and minds of attendees, which inspires them to immediately implement the strategies shared.
  • Book this program and be catapulted into a fresh mindset that will go the distance.
Keynote by speaker Shelia Robinson-Kiss

Unleash the 5 Secrets of Living and Working in Balance

In this one-of-a-kind program, Sheila places a life of balance, peace, and productivity within reach of everyone. These 5 secrets have been hiding in plain view and are revealed with humor, high energy, and warmth.

Audience takeaways:

  • 1. In this keynote Sheila takes the audience on a unique adventure, leading to powerful hidden treasures, that inspire living and working in balance.
  • Engaging and impactful stories are featured in this program, making it an unforgettable experience.

Secure elevation today and book this keynote.

Renew; Harnessing the Power of Emotional Intelligence to Reduce Stress

This inspiring keynote features science-backed information that reveals how cultivating high levels of emotional intelligence, can increase the quality of work and life while reducing stress. Through humor and heartwarming stories, attendees will learn strategies that help grow emotional intelligence, produce positive results in relationships, and promote feelings of greater calm and control in day to day life. Small changes in how we think and respond can yield massive results.

Audience takeaways:

  •  This program is designed to highlight the power of cultivating high levels of emotional intelligence that reduce stress in all areas of life.
  • Sheila will share heart-warming stories and science-backed information that supports positive outcomes in relationships and greater levels of emotional control.

Book this program for massive results.

The 7 Pillars of Resilience – Adjusting to Change and Moving Forward with Strength

1. In this presentation, Sheila shows new perspectives to effectively manage inevitable change.
2. She will inspire the partakers to apply the new winning strategies with confidence.

Book this keynote and move beyond fear of change, stress, and professional fatigue!

Speaker Sheila Robinson-Kiss

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See keynotes with Sheila Robinson-Kiss
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