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Dawnna St. Louis

Consultant and Professional Speaker
Country: USA

Our keynote speaker Dawnna St. Louis is a professional speaker, consultant and three time top selling book author. She shows her audience how to harness the power of people, tap into their personal brand of quality, and be a rock star in business. Dawnna St Louis leverages a deep business background to give your team that tools they need to excel in business.

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Forward-thinking game changer

Dawnna St. Louis is an extraordinary woman. Educated in a technical field, she studied further to leverage her skills on the science of confidence, the psychology of influence and the power of Mojo.

Before starting her own business in the year 2008, Dawnna St. Louis worked her way up the ladder in a male dominated field. She became a C-Level Executive of an international business intelligence consulting firm.

Now with over two decades of experience, Dawnna St. Louis is a successful consultant with the ability to deliver authentic and applicable solutions for all kinds of business problems. Under her consult, business leaders and entrepreneurs have stood out from the competition to increase revenues in a crowded marketplace.

In her keynotes Dawnna St. Louis shows the audience how to avoid the mistakes of commoditization and being lost in the crowd. Dawnna is an energetic and fascinating speaker. Dawnna St. Louis does not talk to an anonymous audience – she talks to you. Dawnna’s presence at your event can and will make a difference.

    Keynote by Speaker Dawnna St. Louis

    Harness the power of people

    • Leverage your greatest asset to achieve explosive growth. People have chiseled boulders into wheels and put men on the moon. Business is about harnessing the power of people. Corner the market. Enhance leadership effectiveness. Capitalize on innovation. No matter how explosive you want to be in business you must tap into the power of your greatest asset to do it.
    • This keynote can be customized for: Leadership, Business Owners, New Leaders, Association Executives


    Keynote by Speaker Dawnna St. Louis

    The entrepreneurial mind-set

    • Tap into the Most Powerful Innovation Tool Ever Created Be a rock star in business and the preferred choice in an overcrowded marketplace. Blaze a trail your competitors wished they had the courage to trek. Discover secrets that put you at the top of your game and top of mind – regardless of the industry.
    • This keynote can be customized for: Customer Service Teams, Leadership Teams, Sales Teams, Women In Business, General Audiences


    Keynote by Speaker Dawnna St. Louis

    Stand out Leaders

    • Decisive, Bold, and The Leader You’d Follow. Standout leaders aren’t afraid to blaze trails and embrace crazy ideas. They invite criticism. And guess what? Their teams perform beyond expectation.
    • This keynote can be customized for: High Potential Resources, Executive Leaders, New Leaders, Women In Business


    Keynote by Speaker Dawnna St. Louis

    Epic Sales

    Develop instant relationships and close more business faster. What does your client say about you when you are not in the room? Not sure? Then you could be in trouble. A powerful customer experience is the difference between exceeding your sales goals and wondering about your bonus check. Dawnna St. Louis shows you how to create an amazing customer experience from go.

    • The Secret Sales Pyramid that creates a powerful customer connection

    • Three things you need to know right now to seal the deal

    • How to be the choice of ONE in a crowded marketplace

    • Deliver the experience your customer can’t live without

    This keynote can be customized for: Sales Teams, High Value Sales Teams, Women In Business, MLM Entrepreneurs

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