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Michael Nir

travels from USA

Passionate lean agile leadership expert and author of several books on influence, consumer experience and teams

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Keynote speaker Michael Nir is a sought-after international speaker and leadership expert. Michael is known for his innovation, creativity and passion for speaking. He is a best-selling author and has written nine books on the topic of influence, consumer experience, teams and Agile project management.

Michael Nir, President Sapir Consulting US, is a Business Agility Architect and Strategist; known for his passion, creativity, and innovation; His Masters in Engineering and, training in Gestalt balance his technical know-how with emotional intelligence. Michael inspires people and teams to change, experientially and emotionally, while climbing the hill AND reaching the summit.

With an educational background in engineering, Project Management, the Gestalt principles and emotional intelligence mean speaker Michael Nir has a broad understanding of important skills when it comes to leadership and management. Michael is able to connect the dots between human behavior, business systems, and work environment, which makes his keynotes very relevant and accessible.

The author of twelve books on influence, consumer experience, and Lean-Agile project management, Michael delivers practical skills gained from eighteen years of experience leading change at global organizations in diverse industries.

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Keynote by speaker Michael Nir

Has the PMO become the death star for an agile transformation? Agile in the age of the Laggards – What’s left for us?

In the turning point of the software digital age where organizations face a Cambrian Extinction – the scientific application of flow, agile, lean, design thinking, lean start up, lean UX, and DevOps together with high performing teams is crucial to business survival;

However, the empire strikes back and traditional, Taylorism backed frozen middle led by the PMO (project/program management office) is countering with a vengeance.

Audience takeaways:

  • Exploring the essentials of successful lean agile and DevOps change initiatives
  • Learn how to keep digital transformation simple
  • Team agility without organizational cadence, flow and continuous focus on DevOps and technical excellence is a wasted effort
  • Identify the scaling patterns for your organization
  • An explanation of #Soakability for leading change
Keynote by speaker Michael Nir

Persuading the Virtual Bear – How to Influence VIRTUALLY

In the past year, we were thrown into a virtual environment where communication is different than f2f. Your job requires to influence remotely just about all the time. It may take the form of gaining support, inspiring others, persuading other people to become your champions, engaging someone’s imagination, creating relationships. Whatever form it takes, being an excellent remote influencer makes your job easier.

Audience takeaways:

  • 2 practical tips and best practices for influencing in the virtual environment.
  • How skills, are crucial to effectively persuade others, lead diverse teams, and get projects done on time even when done virtually.
Keynote by speaker Michael Nir

Building highly effective virtual teams

The ongoing challenges of creating the magical bond between team members in small and big endeavors can be elusive. What’s more, in the last few decades, this has become increasingly challenging. This presentation provides you with much-needed practical advice on how to create an effective collaborative virtual/remote team environment.

Audience takeaways:

  • Identify the characteristics, challenges, and opportunities of virtual leading teams
  • Define key strategies for leading effective virtual teams
  • Recognize what virtual team members need and expect from virtual team leaders; Employ key techniques to build trust.

The presentation also follows the Nine must-haves of a team of leaders as appear in Michael’s book.

Keynote by speaker Michael Nir

How to Thrive in the Covid-19 Gig Economy ?

One of the fastest-growing trends in employment is a move away from full-time contracts. Instead, both employers and workers are pursuing alternative arrangements, including temporary or project-based contracts.

Those participating in the gig economy call themselves freelancers, independent professionals, contract workers, and independent contractors. It’s easy to think of this group as a bunch of millennials looking to escape the traditional 9 to 5, but among those participating in the gig economy are experienced nurses, project managers, scrum masters, agile coaches, engineers, and marketing consultants

Audience takeaways:

  • What are the fundamental pre-requisites for branding yourself for gig economy employment?
  • What does it take to thrive in the Covid19 gig economy?
  • How can you prepare for gig economy employment?

Interview with Michael Nir

How did begin your speaking career?
25 years ago; I finished high school, and was working as a substitute teacher in an elementary school. It was a very cold winter and many teachers had the flu; so I was working a lot… Mostly I was looking after the children on free time; however once I was asked to step in a math lesson with first graders. They were restless; they heckled me, made a lot of noise and were being rowdy. Instead of engaging in open conflict, I started writing equations on the board, and that made them settle down; however I wrote too many and then they burst out crying…Talk about a tough audience!

What sparked your interest for emotional intelligence?
Combining soft and hard skills is essential for success; without understanding the emotional behavioral aspects of human interaction, it is very difficult to succeed in business. I help managers overcome their deficit in the emotional sphere, in order to become better leaders.

Which one of your books are you most proud of?
Silent influencing, my second book, which I completed in 2013, is both personal and business oriented. It provides best practices to better understand ourselves, and the interactions we have with others. It summarizes years of experimentations and theoretical Gestalt concepts put into practice.

Who or what inspires you most?
I am inspired by people who see through narratives and provide holistic views of human behavior. The work of Nobel Prize laureate professor Daniel Kahneman who authored: Thinking Fast and Slow, and Harvard Professor Daniel Gilbert (who has one of the most viewed Ted talks – about the science of happiness) have inspired me and my work in leadership, lean agile and body language.

How much does humor factor into your keynotes and other speaking engagements?
A lot; people learn better when they are laughing; my keynotes and speaking engagements are interactive, I believe my role is to offer the environment for people to interact and engage; this in turn increases the opportunities for humor.

Why do clients typically hire you to speak?
Good question, many reasons. I have spoken at many events for a multitude of clients; reach out to A-Speakers to figure out how I could make your next event igniting, creative, thought provoking and fun.

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