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Danny Johnson

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Award-winning Comedian & Author

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Speaker Danny Johnson has led a dual track career - achieving success in corporate america AND in comedy! His talks uplift audiences of all kinds. They deal with topics such as job interviews as well as dealing with stress and weight loss.

For almost two decades Danny Johnson’s hilarious stand-up has entertained audiences at corporate events and churches. Danny’s clean humor will boost morale and motivate your group to bring levity to everyday stressful situations.

As a humorous and motivational speaker Danny Johnson encourages his audience to “Laugh your way stress-free”. By walking his audience through the hilarity of him losing 50 pounds, unbelievable customer service interactions, his fascination with infomercials, his 90 year old grandmother dating, and much more.

In addition, he is the author of “You Stink and They Know It!” – A practical guide to nailing your next job interview. The tips and tricks Danny provides are based on his two decades of experience working in corporate America, specializing in recruiting and retaining top talent. As such, he has facilitated countless job interviews, as well as written interview questions for all levels of employment. The combination of his corporate experience and his study of human behavior through comedy allow him to guide people through the sometimes challenging Career Development aspect of one’s career – and he makes it an enjoyable time!

Danny’s accomplishments include starring in over a dozen TV commercials, working as a voice over artist in a variety of industries and appearing on Comedy Central, Comcast, NBC. Keynote speaker Danny Johnson is recognized for his humor as the winner of several prominent comedy contests.

Often called a cross between Jackie Gleason and Jerry Seinfeld; Danny’s show is relatable, entertaining, and always leaves the audience inspired to see life’s little events at home and work, in a humorous light.

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    Keynote by Speaker Danny Johnson 

    Laugh your way stress free

    • Danny’s comedy examines the little things in life and helps people embrace laughter over stress. At home or work, speaker Danny Johnson believes one can take a step back and choose laughter over all else.

    Keynote by Speaker Danny Johnson 

    “You Stink!”

    • On a more serious note, Danny Johnson examines three keys to experiencing a rich and fulfilling career. He will address what it takes to fulfill your career aspirations, stand out among your peers, laugh along the way, learn from your mistakes, and embrace the process of career advancement.
    • Speaker Danny Johnson will walk you through his own misconceptions about career development, the keys to truly accomplishing your career goals, and having fun along the way.

    Keynote by Speaker Danny Johnson 

    Being Fat and Fit

    • Danny Johnson’s comedy walks you through his childhood struggles with weight and food. At one point Danny was 270 pounds – no muscle, just person.
    • Danny’s journey of losing 50 pounds is one filled with laughter, tears, and relatable struggles that ultimately leave the audience inspired to embrace who they are and live a more fit life, both physically and emotionally.
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