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Podcast host and positivity mindset expert Cornell Thomas impacts audiences

Cornell Thomas

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Cornell Thomas began his career in basketball but switched to coaching after experiencing an injury. Inspired to spread positivity in response negative comments on social media, Thomas is one of the world's most popular positivity speakers in the field.

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Recognizing God and his parents for his mindset and success, Cornell Thomas leverages a lifetime of experiences to encourage audiences to remain positive in the face of adversity. Standing in his truth that every problem has a solution, he shares practical steps for moving to the next level of success. His well-rounded take on life includes balance of spiritual pursuits, family, and career. Sharing insights with via blogs, books, and podcasts, Thomas engages a diverse audience of followers who seek inspiration. Reaching a multinational audience, his principles of positivity mindset help others to find purpose.

Why you should book Cornell Thomas for your next event

  • Thomas inspires audiences to live a purpose-filled life. By sharing his own experiences, he highlights how positivity impacts an individual’s environment and outcomes.
  • His presentation offers practical strategies for incorporating positivity principles into everyday life. His entertaining presentation offers a pathway to extraordinary results in overcoming adversity.
  • Thomas’ book The Power of Positivity details his own experience overcoming a career-ending injury to find his life’s purpose. He inspires listeners to push past the mental noise to find serenity and success in a positive mindset.

Only weeks from beginning his lifelong dream of playing professional basketball in Europe, Cornell Thomas faced a life-altering injury. Forced to leave basketball and rethink his career, he began focusing on the positive aspects of his own situation. Inspired to blog about positivity in response to negativity he witnessed on social media, Thomas began to inspire others with writing, blogging, and speaking.

As a sought-after speaker, he incorporates heartfelt anecdotes about his own personal experiences with practical strategies for facing obstacles in life to inspire audiences throughout the world. Participating in corporate training and speaking engagements, he brings his unique brand of inspiration complete with practical approaches for overcoming adversity.

As a husband and father, Thomas credits family support and love as essential to balancing his journey of discovery and sharing. Hosting a series of positivity summits, he offers audiences essential information about transforming mental programming, embracing change, and evolving into life’s purpose.

As the author of four popular books, Thomas shares his “Cornellisms” in a refreshingly transparent look at his own life’s challenges. Inspiring by example, he creates a pathway for others to move past mental, physical, and emotional barriers to find purpose in the midst of uncertainty.

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Keynote by Cornell Thomas

The Power Of Positivity:

This keynote covers Cornell’s journey from a young man with no drive or dream to a basketball player on the cusp of playing professionally to finding his purpose of serving others. This keynote usually can go anywhere from 60-90 minutes long and it takes the audience on an incredible journey.

Keynote by Cornell Thomas

Inside The Lockerroom:

Cornell spent 13 years of his life as a high-level basketball coach. In this workshop, Cornell covers all things team. From what makes a successful team, to setting the right culture, to the future of teams now after the pandemic. This is a highly interactive and super charged workshop.

Keynote by Cornell Thomas

Ubuntu Initiative:

This talk speaks directly to diversity and coming together not just as a corporation but as a species. Cornell tackles diversity from a different angle growing up with not only a father in law enforcement but his older brother as well. Cornell breaks down harmful stereotypes and opens the door to the number one combatant of ignorance which he believes is conversation and understanding.

Watch Cornell Thomas in action

Why are we here? | Cornell Thomas | TEDxBergenCommunityCollege

See keynotes with Cornell Thomas
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