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Alexis Conran

Actor, Writer & TV Presenter
Country: UK

Speaker Alexis Conran knows all about the dark and deceptive world of scams. In his talks, he speaks candidly on the risks and security threats constantly faced by businesses and consumers. Alexis is a TV presenter and LAMDA trained actor best known as the man who identifies, uncovers and helps us to protect our businesses and ourselves, against scams.

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Alexis Conran is the writer and presenter of the highly acclaimed BBC TV show “The Real Hustle”. He advises and educates audiences worldwide on issues surrounding security and risk (in the real and virtual world). To achieve this he teaches clients to identify the human behaviour, communication skills and confidence tricks that the world’s top scammers rely on to achieve their unscrupulous aims.   

Alexis currently hosts his own weekly show, The Radio Hustle on Talk Radio and co-stars in the new Dave show THE JOY OF TECHS, alongside his best friend, comedian, actor and satirist, Marcus Brigstocke.   He also contributes to ITV’s This Morning and BBC Radio 4 and 5Live, and was crowned champion of Celebrity MasterChef 2016.

As a charismatic and engaging keynote and after-dinner speaker, Alexis delivers important messages on the shrewdest ways to protect against the ever-increasing number of scams. His recent clients include IBM, the RSA Security Conference, Experian, RBS, Halifax, Aviva, Facebook, Porsche, VISA, The Metropolitan Police and the City of London Police Fraud in Action Unit.

    Speaker Alexis Conran Keynote Topics:

    • The psychology of deception – How the brain can be fooled by assumption.
    • The anatomy of a scam – How a handful of scams that have existed for 1000’s of years still catch people out.
    • The necessary credentials to become the best salesman in your team/the world
    • Why Systems fail – The human face of security.
    • Trust and Transparency – How to stay safe in an uncertain world.
    • The illusion(s) of trust and the secrets behind it

    After-Dinner Topics:

    • Achieving outcomes using sleight of hand techniques
    • Renowned topical scams
    • True tales of the Hustler

    Other Services:

    • Awards ceremony Host
    • Event Facilitator
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