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Eleanor Longden

Award-winning psychology postgraduate
Country: UK

As an award-winning psychology postgraduate and experienced keynote speaker Eleanor Longden is guaranteed to entice audiences. Her extensive knowledge on mental health issues can help others learn how to successfully recover from mental health issues and grow from the experiences. Her 2013 TED talk “The Voices in my Head” was also named as one of the ‘20 Online Talks That Could Change Your Life’ by the Guardian Newspaper.

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Keynote speaker Eleanor Longden is an award-winning psychology postgraduate, who uses her own experiences of recovery from psychosis to promote more creative, person-centred approaches to complex mental health problems that emphasise the lived experience and expertise of individuals more fully. She has published books and held keynotes internationally, including events for the World Health Organisation, the Edinburgh International Book Festival, the American Psychological Association, the Royal College of Psychiatrists, and the British Psychological Society.

The sought-after speaker Eleanor Longden held a TED talk in 2013 on voice hearing, which was featured on the front page of the Huffington Post and named by the Guardian newspaper as one of the ‘20 Online Talks That Could Change Your Life’. In its first year online it was viewed 2.5m times and translated into 33 languages.

Eleanor is coordinator of the Intervoice Scientific Committee, trustee of Intervoice and the UK Soteria Network, an honorary member of the French Hearing Voices Network, a faculty member of the International Centre for Recovery Action in Practice, Education, and Research (ICRA) and a working group member of the International DSM-5 Response Committee and the Global Summit on Diagnostic Alternatives.

Eleanor is also the author of ‘Learning from the Voices in my Head’ (2013, New York: TED Books).

As a public speaker Eleanor Longden is both experienced and respected and she draws on her considerable clinical, academic and personal expertise and insights around mental health. She has delivered keynote speeches, training courses and media interviews on a diverse range of topics, and offers accessible presentations that are always specifically adapted to the needs and expectations of the audience.

    Speaker Eleanor Longden Keynote Topics: 

    • Recovery and psychosis, including personal recovery and strategies for bringing recovery principles into mental health services.
    • Psychological and social approaches to making sense of psychosis, including the impact of painful life events in its onset and maintenance – and how this information can be used therapeutically in ways that serve recovery.
    • Challenging stigma around mental health issues.
    • The impact of childhood sexual abuse and ways of supporting abuse survivors.
    • Working with and understanding self-injury and self-harm.
    • Trauma and dissociation, and how these factors are relevant for understanding experiences labelled psychosis.
    • Overcoming obstacles and challenges, and learning to realise one’s potential and thrive in the aftermath of adversity.
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