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Ufuk Tarhan

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Ufuk Tarhan is one of the leading names in the IT industry in Turkey. A futurist, economist and author, her expertise is well-known around the world, having served as a top executive for many companies.

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Ufuk Tarhan has worked in the IT and telecommunications industries since 1982. Her vast experience and knowledge have seen her appointed to the boards of a number of companies. As an award-winning businesswoman she has used her vast knowledge of the industry to foster growth and become one of the world’s top futurists. She is a founder member of the Turkish Futurist’s Society and remains the only female keynote speaker in Turkey to specialist in this field. She lectures in Future Studies at several universities and has plans to study for a doctorate.

Why you should book Ufuk Tarhan for your next event

  • Her work has led the way for women in IT and telecommunications and she remains the leading female expert in these industries.
  • She is a leading futurist, a concept that looks to the future in a range of disciplines from art to technology, using imagination and creativity to plan and predict the future in these different fields.
  • Leading business woman who speaks with authority about the development of women in a variety of industries and encourages others to find their own path.

Ufuk Tarhan is a speaker known all over the world for her expertise in IT and telecommunications, focusing on how the future could develop. As a founder member of Turkey’s Futurists Society, she is still the sole female speaker on this subject in the country. Born in Antalya, she studied Economics at the Middle East Technical University. During this time she designed a reader to help students with visual impairments. She graduated from university in 1982 and went immediately into industry.

Her commitment to being a futurist is well-known and she leads talks and seminars about her ideas for the future. She worked as a senior manager for different companies until 2005, then in 2006 she set up the M-GEN Future Planning Center. After a few years she set up M-GEN Software and Digital Communication Services Ltd, which collaborated with companies all over the world to develop new technology.

In addition to her technology work, she has participated in several projects as a volunteer, including working with Rotary International and speaks at meetings of the World Futurists Association. She promotes the role of women in the workplace and writes articles and columns that are published around the world.

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Keynote topics and headlines

  • What is futurism and what does it do?
  • What do futurist do?
  • How to use futuris perspectives?
  • Mega/hyper/cyber trends of the future
  • Hyper trends with a futuritic look
  • The future os chasing us!
  • Your future version is loading…
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Watch Ufuk Tarhan in action

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Watch Ufuk Tarhan in action

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