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Florian Rustler

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Innovation and creativity expert, entrepreneur, and author

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The internationally active and sought innovation expert speaker Florian Rustler promotes and supports companies in their transformation from a classic hierarchical to a more self-organized, modern, and innovative organization. In doing so, Florian Rustler has a concrete idea of the future of modern working environments and prepares companies for the future.

Why you should book speaker Florian Rustler

  • Florian has a solid academic background and the necessary expertise in the field of management consulting, which he has already tested in practice in many ways.
  • As a dedicated expert, he not only wants to impart knowledge but also to involve the participants by means of illustrative exercises and to inspire more agility as well as creativity.
  • His refreshing presentations focus on systematic creativity and sustainable innovation.

Florian Rustler is a highly successful entrepreneur and author. In addition to his activities as a keynote speaker and consultant, he also supports companies in the course of workshops, trainings, and seminars. It is essential to meet the changes from the outside with internal innovations. Because just as the world is subject to constant change, companies are also forced sooner or later to adapt structurally and in terms of their work processes so that they can meet the new challenges and be continuously innovative.

The way it works and the results it achieves provide the best evidence that its own innovative methods and strategies are effective and purposeful. This is because they have been jointly developed over the years from many years of experience and have also been applied time and again with success in the client’s own company.

Its clients come from a wide variety of fields of activity, such as banking and insurance, industry and logistics, trade and advertising, as well as the technology and automotive sectors. His clients include both medium-sized companies and larger corporations such as BMW, Siemens, Zeiss, and Deutsche Post.

Born in Munich, he first studied industrial and organizational psychology as well as political science and sinology. He then studied Chinese in Taiwan. He then earned a master’s degree in Creativity and Change Leadership, trained as a facilitator in New York, and initially worked for eight years in his field as a trainer, consultant, and facilitator. 2012 the consulting company was founded, which now consists of an international team of eight.

See keynotes with Florian Rustler
Keynote by speaker Florian Rustler

New Work - what's so new about New Work?

What exactly is New Work and where does it come from?

Audience takeaways:

  • What does New Work mean for organizations and individuals?
  • Concrete practices of new work
  • Examples of companies and their New Work stories
Keynote by speaker Florian Rustler

On the way to becoming a Future Fit Company

No one knows what exactly the future holds! However, there are signs of what will definitely be important. We believe that there is no blueprint for how organizations can safely position themselves for the future. However, we do believe that organizations can prepare and make themselves fit for the future.

Audience takeaways:

  • Organizations can even train their future fitness individually. There are a number of principles for doing so, as well as very specific tools that can be used depending on the initial situation.
  • Florian Rustler reports on what this might look like and what is important.
Keynote by speaker Florian Rustler

Creativity - mysterious coincidence or systematic process? Why every person can be consciously creative

Creativity is seen by many people as something mysterious and random that cannot be influenced. Inspiration comes – or it doesn’t.

Audience takeaways:

  • This interactive lecture explores the question of how much coincidence is involved in creativity and whether creativity cannot also be consciously promoted.
  • In the process, some approaches will be presented as to how a creative process can be organized.
Keynote by speaker Florian Rustler

Enable Innovation

Innovation is the ability of an organization to create something new that brings benefits.

  • Innovation cannot be forced and can be planned to a limited extent. Nevertheless, organizations can consciously create framework conditions that make innovation probable and possible.
  • The presentation shows what is important in this process.
Keynote by speaker Florian Rustler

Entrepreneurial Thinking and Acting

Entrepreneurs are good at creating new things under conditions of uncertainty. This ability is not relevant for people who create new companies but is also increasingly relevant within organizations. Most companies consciously or unconsciously follow certain principles of entrepreneurial thinking and acting.

Audience takeaways:

  • How principles can be used consciously to create new solutions to rapidly changing times and to exploit potentials.
  • The lecture shows these basic principles and gives examples of how they can be used.
Keynote by speaker Florian Rustler

Great Meetings!

For many companies, it sounds like a contradiction that meetings can be great. Yet it is possible to intentionally organize and conduct successful meetings that are both content productive and humanly enjoyable.

Audience takeaway:

  • This presentation introduces the principles of great meetings and some practices that can be used in meetings.
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