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Lousin Mehrabi

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Selected as one of the Most Influential Negotiation Professionals Globally, Lousin Mehrabi is a Professional Negotiator, Trainer and Inspirational Speaker.

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As the Global Head of Negotiation Training for ADN Group, Lousin provides masterclasses and advisory on complex negotiations. As a sought-after Inspirational Speaker she is booked for impactful Keynote speeches on Negotiations, Emotional Intelligence and Leadership across the globe.

Reasons to book Lousin Mehrabi

  • She has worked with C-level Executives of 50+ companies, has 100+ LinkedIn recommendations and has spoken for audiences in over 45 countries.
  • Her dynamic and authentic speaking style keep audiences captivated and engaged, leaving them with the tools, mindset and motivation to succeed.
  • Lousin works with CEOs and decision makers worldwide to help them get the best out of themselves, their teams and their performance.

Lousin believes the world becomes a better place through the art and science of negotiation. She teaches people to become better negotiators to reach meaningful agreements with others, with themselves and with life.

In her podcast “Life Negotiations”, Lousin talks to the world’s best negotiators and shares negotiation skills to help people resolve conflict peacefully. She also shares her knowledge in guest appearances in other podcasts, international media and business schools.

Prior to becoming a Professional Negotiator, Lousin worked in Senior Leadership roles in Finance. For nearly 15 years she was responsible for Sales and Strategy within financial institutions such as Citigroup and the New York Stock Exchange-Euro next. In these roles, Lousin led high-stakes contract negotiations on markets worth billions of dollars.

As a true world citizen, Lousin is a graduate of three International Business Schools, holds four nationalities and speaks five languages. She currently lives in Dubai with her husband and two children.

“The world becomes a better place through the art & science of Negotiation.” -Lousin Mehrabi

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Lousin Mehrabi Keynote Talks

Master Your Business Negotiations

Negotiation is an essential business skill. We all negotiate every day, yet very few truly master it. In this Masterclass, participants learn the strategies and techniques used by the world’s top Professional Negotiators to find agreements in complex negotiations. Lousin teaches the practical 9-step negotiation method and offers real-life examples that will help every high-performing leader achieve the best possible outcome in their next negotiation.

Participants will be left with the practical tools to negotiate businessdeals, resolve conflict, prepare for high stakes negotiations and more. All within creased confidence, better teamwork, and motivation to boost performance

Lousin Mehrabi Keynote Talks

3 Superpowers of Bulletproof Negotiator

In this high-impact keynote speech, Lousin examines the three superpowers that everyone needs to be better negotiators and leaders. Leaning on her signature ABC Method®, Lousin covers topics on how to be invited to the negotiation table, how to increase your personal negotiation powers and above all, a unique view on how to remain calm in any circumstance.

The ABC Method® is easy to follow, incredibly effective, and extremely beneficial for anyone who engages in negotiation and leadership. By the end of the session, participants walk away with an inspiring new view on negotiation and armed with skills to be the best negotiator they can be and close deals with ease.

Lousin Mehrabi Keynote Talks

Life Negotiations: How to Grow Through Change

After her young son, Alex, was diagnosed with a fatal degenerative disease, Lousin was faced with a lot of questions: Why? Why her child? What to do? Should she quit her job? She didn’t know what to do, so she started a whole new type of negotiation: negotiations with herself and with Life.

As a keynote speaker, Lousin inspires audiences with her moving “Life Negotiations” talk, which takes them on a journey on how to face adversity. She explores the importance of acceptance, emotional intelligence, resilience and more to overcome any change that happens. Combining her impressive corporate background with her unique personal experiences, she helps participants master self-negotiation to liberate themselves from anything that is holding them back to grow through change. Lousin’s storytelling leans on relatable, real-life examples that will leave audiences feeling inspired, motivated and in control of their lives and careers and most importantly, able to negotiate more confidently with themselves, with Life and with others.

With 20+ years of corporate experience, Lousin understands that those who can(self) negotiate are better equipped to face hardship, adapt to change, achieve their goals and lead by example

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Lousin Mehrabi Speaker Reel - Professional Negotiator, Inspirational Speaker & Trainer

Watch Lousin Mehrabi in action

Negotiation Training by Lousin Mehrabi

Watch Lousin Mehrabi in action

Entrepreneurs' Organization With Lousin Mehrabi: Mastering Business Negotiations

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Lousin is a treasure. I have rarely worked with anyone as engaging or as well prepared. She creates a genuine relationship of trust that leads to successful outcomes.

Gary Noesner

Former FBI Chief Hostage Negotiator

Lousin is a convincing trainer, application and outcome focused, authentic and credible in her approach. I’m impressed.

Peter Englund

CEO Zurich Insurance

It's rare you sit behind a screen during a virtual presentation and cry. It's rare you are so moved by a speaker, you can't stop thinking about their presentation days later. Lousin was that speaker for me.

Melissa Aronson

Manager at Contentsquare

Lousin has an incredible level of knowledge and expertise in Negotiation and Training. She is an inspirational woman who encourages people to follow her lead through a very authentic approach, which creates a bond of trust.

Kirk Kinnell

Head of Crisis Negotiations
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