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Maxie McCoy

travels from USA

Author and motivational speaker and presenter committed to help individuals and organizations finding their right path

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Inspirational speaker Maxie McCoy is on a mission to inspire people, globally, to become better versions of themselves in their professional and personal lives. Maxie has a powerful voice and message for any generation. Her down-to-earth and honest keynotes offer fresh perspectives and empower audiences all over.

Why you should book speaker Maxie McCoy

  • Maxie is previously a career expert and has broad knowledge of the corporate world. This allows her to understand her clients’ perspectives and only provide advice which is practical and realistic to leaders across the world.
  • Previous clients have described Maxie as an incredible communicator and energetic speaker.
  • Maxie has a dynamic presence on stage and a humorous and grounded approach to her inspirational keynotes. It leaves everyone in the audience feeling comfortable and motivated to work on themselves.

Keynote speaker Maxie McCoy has a passion for helping women find their right path and realize their potential. Maxie has an educational background in Journalism, which makes her an excellent and dynamic presenter and moderator for events as well. Maxie’s previous clients include Disney, Twitter and Red Bull to name a few.

Maxie has previously worked as a career consultant and has experience with creating meaningful experiences that foster productivity and action in group formats and workshops. She has also been featured in the media as an expert on collaboration and women’s leadership, including Good Morning America, Women’s Health and CNN.

As a speaker, Maxie McCoy provides valuable advice and powerful insights into female leadership. Her experience and knowledge continues to inspire women all over the world. Besides being a motivational speaker and presenter, Maxie is a writer and her book “You’re Not Lost: An Inspired Action Plan for Finding Your Own Way” has quickly become a popular book on female empowerment.

See keynotes with Maxie McCoy

    Keynote by speaker Maxie McCoy

    You’re Not Lost: How to Find Your Own Way

    • If you’re looking for more direction in your life, this compelling session will help you get to the root of what you want and believe in yourself enough to get it. Maxie shows you how to drop the panic-inducing, big-picture obsession over “Where is my life going?” and instead shines a spotlight on the small yet impactful decisions that will take you from lost to found.
    • The audience will learn how to be more of themselves – not less of it as well as how to worry less about the big picture and focus on small actions that can improve their life tremendously.

    Keynote by speaker Maxie McCoy

    Get Unstuck: Heading in the Right Direction in Work (and Life)

    • All too often, the feeling of being stuck gets in our way. It’s what stands between us and so many goals – including starting and growing a business. This keynote allows you to examine any areas where you feel the need to get “unstuck” to get your business (and yourself) headed in the right direction.

    Keynote by speaker Maxie McCoy

    Design Your Priorities for More Joy on the Job

    • There will always be too much to do and not enough time to do it, which can result in burnout and ongoing stress. Instead, you can harness the power of priorities to regain leadership over what matters. In this keynote, Maxie shows how this leads to more measurable success for your career and explore an effective framework for getting into action immediately.
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