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Andrew McMillan

Motivational speaker and expert on the link between customer experience and employee engagement
Country: UK

Speaker Andrew McMillan is a former Customer Service Manager for John Lewis – one of the biggest companies in the UK. Andrew has a broad business expertise but focuses especially on the link between customer experience and employee engagement through great leadership. As a speaker, he is engaging, thought-provoking and motivational.

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Why you should choose a keynote with speaker Andrew McMillan:

  • Andrew has an impressive professional resume and is one of the reasons behind John Lewis’ customer-driven culture they are known for today.
  • He is a known expert in his field and is never afraid to speak the truth.
  • As the founder of a business consultancy, he knows how to assist companies and guide them in the direction of success – not just by using his words but providing valuable practical tools.

Speaker Andrew McMillan started his career as a management trainee with the John Lewis Partnership. He quickly moved up through the management ranks and led a number of selling teams. He later became responsible for customer service across the department store division. Andrew formed part of the development of a market-leading culture and attitude towards customer service and sales for John Lewis. This customer-driven culture is something that has now become synonymous with the John Lewis brand and they are consistently voted first in the UK for customer service across all business sectors.

Today, Andrew McMillan is the founder of his own consultancy with past clients like Shell, Mercedes Benz and Barclays. He has spoken at over 300 events and continues to receive great feedback from audiences worldwide. Andrew is an expert on leadership and how to ensure good client experience and employee engagement. He is able to illustrate how to develop a distinct and differentiated customer experience delivered through employees to define their brand.

As a speaker Andrew McMillan is very motivational and though-provoking. He is incredible at engaging with the audience and his years of experience has given him a fantastic stage presence. Andrew has a great sense of humour which keeps his keynotes dynamic and entertaining. Andrew is a speaker you have to experience!

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    Speaker Andrew McMillan Keynote Topics

    • Conference Speaking
    • Conference Chairing
    • After Dinner Speaking
    • Customer Experience
    • Employee Engagement, Business Change and Complaint Management
    • Strategy and Leadership
    • Fun and productivity at work
    • HR policy and process selling
    • Internal Communications
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