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Ron Karr

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Sales expert and creator or the Velocity Mindset™ - Your help to increase sales and create opportunities for growth faster

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International keynote speaker Ron Karr is a recognized sales success expert. Ron has over 36 years of experience in sales and leadership and now translates his knowledge and insights to practical and dynamic keynote presentations. Ron’s keynotes are a must have for any sales organization.

Why you should book speaker Ron Karr

  • Ron’s methods work and are extremely effective! Over the course of his career, Ron has helped businesses close major deals, increase sales and grow in size. His keynotes really make a different and clients praise him for it.
  • As a speaker Ron Karr is engaging and thought-provoking. Clients love his speaking style and his dynamic and uplifting keynotes that leave everyone in the audience motivated to change and do better.
  • His incredible insights and effective methods have been featured on national TV as well as in large newspapers. Ron also authored four books, one of them being the CEO best-selling title “Lead, Sell, or Get Out of the Way”.

It’s a competitive world and some argue that markets are getting smaller and smaller. Luckily, Ron has cracked the code to getting ahead of competitors by increasing sales and creating value. Ron’s keynotes are full of inspiring anecdotes as well as practical know-how that will change your business and empower your employees.

Keynote speaker Ron Karr is the creator of the Velocity Mindset™ which revolves around the simple idea of shortening the sales cycle through various effective tools and strategies provided by Ron himself. Ron’s clients see results almost immediately after a keynote or workshop and his clients include companies such as UPS, Hertz and Marriott Hotels.

As a sought-after speaker Ron Karr never stops pushing himself to help more people and companies reach success. After endless standing ovations and incredible feedback, Ron still has the same drive and passion as he did 36 years ago. He genuinely wants to help people achieve great results and make an impact. Below are examples of Ron’s most popular keynotes that have transformed multiple companies already.

See keynotes with Ron Karr

    Keynote by speaker Ron Karr

    They Psychology of Sales

    • Each customer is unique in their buying methods,  in this psychological keynote Ron speaks on creating a rapport and generating attention thus, creating you own”Psychology of Sales”
    • Useful conversation, collaborative approach and mindset is some of the key forces in this key note for sales advancement
    • Speaker Ron dives into how the brain works and what one needs in order to gain attention and successfully close your sale.

    Keynote by speaker Ron Karr

    The Velocity Mindset™

    • In this keynote, Ron provides the audience the tools to create more value through the Velocity Mindset™ program. Ron’s interactive presentation style inspires the audience in a unique way by doing transformational exercises on stage with C-level executives. The audience will see the results of how they can easily add to the bottom line by making simple tweaks in the conversation.
    • Ron will reveal how collaborative conversations provide opportunities to help customers hit home runs, solidifying customers’ commitment to the relationship. Ron ensures that all members will have their questions answered by the end of the talk.

    Keynote by speaker Ron Karr


    • In this engaging keynote, speaker Ron Karr will present winning strategies on how to go from selling to leading. This presentation is based on Ron’s bestselling book of the same name.
    • The audience will discover how to close deals faster and attract valuable customers. Ron shares his secrets to getting ahead of competitors by implementing new and fresh strategies.
    • Whether you’re B to B, B to C, a big company or small you can use the same strategies to attract customers and turn them into powerful advocates of your business. This presentation is perfect for CEOs and executive teams.

    Keynote by speaker Ron Karr


    • People think team-building is all about having people added to a task. That is not true. In this powerful presentation, Ron shares his insights into creating great teams that foster effective teamwork and innovative ideas.
    • The audience will learn how to utilize teamwork and actually create collaborative and strong teams that significantly increase your competitive advantage.

    Keynote by speaker Ron Karr


    • It’s time to disrupt management protocol. Ron encourages his audience to stop managing and start coaching. When managers coach people, superstars show up for work.
    • This keynote is designed to do MORE than motivate, its created to empower audiences to immediately do things differently and generate lasting results. The audience will learn how to develop and lead superstars while adapting the Velocity Mindset™.
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