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Dr. Martyn Newman

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Bestseller author, Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence Authority Dr Martyn Newman transforms top businesses

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Speaker Dr Martyn Newman is a clinical psychologist specialised in Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence (EQ). As the bestseller author of Emotional Capitalists and the co-author of the Emotional Capital Report, Martyn’s expertise in EQ is unrivalled. His advice and leadership programmes and are truly transforming top organisations like Sky, Deloitte and British Airways – among many others.

Why you should book speaker Martyn Newman

  • With over two decades of experience, Martyn brings an unrivalled expertise in Emotional Intelligence. Booking him will get you one of the best experts of the field.
  • Martyn has the capability to transform a top organisation and make it even better. He frequently advises top executives at leading Fortune 500 companies and often works with elite athletes, teams and sporting organisations.

Martyn is an incredibly experienced professional. He received his PhD from the University of Sydney and did his MA at the University of California, Berkeley. He obtained his Masters of Psychology from Monash University, Melbourne and a Doctor of Psychology from La Trobe University, Melbourne. Speaker Dr Martyn Newman also held several academic posts at leading universities and he is now a Visiting Fellow for Leadership at Sheffield Business School, Sheffield Hallam University and an Instructor in Mindfulness on the MBA program, Sydney University.

His expertise in Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is valued highly all over the world. Martyn co-created the global benchmark for measuring leadership performance and he designed the Emotional Intelligence Sports Inventory – the number one psychological inventory to measure the role of EQ in top sports performance. Moreover, speaker Dr Martyn Newman is also the author of the bestseller Emotional Capitalists – the ultimate go-to guide to developing Emotional Intelligence.

As the top Emotional Intelligence authority, Martyn’s guidance is truly esteemed by top organisations. His solid advice and leadership programmes are transforming companies like ExxonMobil, Deloitte, British Airways – and many more. With his inspiring and thoughtful presentations, speaker Dr Martyn Newman genuinely takes Leadership and EQ Development keynotes to the next level: book him here at A-Speakers now!

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Keynote by speaker Dr Martyn Newman

Emotional Intelligence

  • Emotional Intelligence is essential to be successful. Those who invest in improving and developing their EQ gain a significant competitive advantage in the tremendously competitive marketplace. Martyn’s key message is simple: to be an effective leader and team member, you need the skills to manage your emotions and influence the emotions of people.
  • In this keynote, speaker Dr Martyn Newman presents you the science of Emotional Intelligence and its relationship to effective leadership and communication. The session is full of important takeaways: you will learn how to become a strategic and a tactical leader with the help of EQ and also get an insight how EQ competencies translate into leadership effectiveness, team cohesion and effective communication.
Keynote by speaker Dr Martyn Newman

Growth Mindset and Innovation

  • For professional and personal development, the single most important Emotional Intelligence competency is Optimism. To be able to go forward, one must possess the ability to see over the horizon to see what is possible. This is underpinned by Resilience – the capability to go back again even if you face failure or adversity.
  • With the help of speaker Dr Martyn Newman, you will learn to attain the Growth Mindset. By putting the topic into a business context, Martyn will show you how to develop your Emotional Intelligence and drive this mindset within your organisation.
Keynote by speaker Dr Martyn Newman

Attracting and Retaining Top Multi-Generational Talent

  • The war for talent is never-ending. Companies that understand what attracts and motivates the different generations are the ones to succeed – EQ has a vital role in this.
  • Speaker Martyn Newman designed this keynote to help you attract and retain top talent. He will tell you how to attach top candidates through EQ development programmes and how to show your potential candidates your matching values – including Future Leaders.
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Dr Martyn Newman PhD At Pendulum Summit

See keynotes with Dr. Martyn Newman
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