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Raj Subrameyer

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Spoken at more than 100 conferences to help listeners to land dream jobs, Raj offers keynotes about productivity, diversity, communication, and leadership.

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As a career strategist, Raj leverages his experience to help people discover professional passion to reach exponential success. Leading teams at well-known brands, such as Expedia, CSG International, and Progressive Insurance over the last decade, he has honed his skills to impart vital strategies for professional growth. Tapping into his own experience, he has spoken at top tier conferences to motivate audiences to adapt leadership traits, which bring success in business. As a TEDx speaker, Raj is helping people across the globe to find a dream job.

Why select keynote speaker Raj Subrameyer?

  • Audiences relate to Raj’s energy and enthusiasm. His passion for inspiring listeners to reach greater career heights translates into an environment of optimism, creativity, and genius for listeners who want to jump start career growth.
  • His presentation offers practical tools for achieving optimal success in tech inside corporate environments, allowing audience members to implement breakthrough strategies for success.
  • Raj’s ‘5 Effective Leadership Traits’ offer a roadmap for audiences to follow for moving up the ladder of success in technology fields.

Raj Subrameyer has come a long way from his introverted years as a shy child. He’s a globally respected keynote speaker who has provided motivation to audiences at more than 100 events and conferences. With a background in technology and careers, he customizes his keynote to the audience based upon his own experiences in business. Raj’s keynote topics offer listeners practical tools for advancing in business, including strategies for growth, communication, diversity, and leadership.

Leading technology teams at major corporations has prepared Raj to impart knowledge about the tools for creating a successful career. He motivates listeners to find the dream job and succeed against all odds. Leveraging his own experience in business, Raj offers unique insights and practical tools for audiences to easily adopt his five leadership traits. With high energy and charisma, Raj has become a sought-after speaker who motivates audiences across the globe.

As his popularity continues to grow internationally, he has been featured on well-known media programs, podcasts, and in publications. NBC, CBS, NPR, FOX, BBC, Entrepreneur, and CIO Magazine have interviewed Raj to discuss his strategies and insights on building a successful career. His best-selling book, Skyrocket Your Career received a 2021 Silver Award for Reader’s Favorite.

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Speaker Raj Subrameyer keynote topic

Humanizing the Toxic Leader: The Secret Key to Healthier Work Cultures

No one is born a toxic leader but anyone can become one when our stress reaches a tipping point and our insecurities are triggered. It’s time we take the shame off of the toxic traits we all have and become aware of the three primary symptoms that can lead us into toxic leadership, so we can address our own. When we do, we build stronger relationships, establish trust and transparency, and set the path for positive change in ourselves, our teams, and our work cultures.

Why Raj is the best person for this topic:

  • He wrote an article on this topic for InfoQ which is one the biggest publications in the world – The Three Symptoms of Toxic Leadership and How to Get out of It.
  • Raj was a Toxic Leader and came out of it and now help other leaders do the same, where he also has given a TEDx talk on this topic.

Key takeaways:

  • How do we become toxic leaders?
  • The three symptoms that lead to Toxic Leadership.
  • How to come out of being a Toxic Leader.
  • How organizations can reduce Toxic Leadership.


Speaker Raj Subrameyer keynote topic

The Positive Side of Comparison: 3 Steps to Use Comparison to Fuel Your Growth

Everyone who has told you not to compare yourself to others is wrong. Comparison saved my life and it could improve yours if you let it.

We are failing people by not teaching them the positive side of comparison and the useful effects of knowing, taking what you see and using it as motivation. In fact, research has found that upward comparison, i.e., comparing yourself to other people who you perceive to be “better than you are,” actually helps motivate you to achieve similar success.

Being able to understand upward comparison and use it as a strength, is a tool that is not only backed by research, but could help to save a lot of lives.

Why Raj is the best person for this topic:

  • He gave a TEDx talk on this topic
    which has 100k+ views.
  • Raj used upward comparison to transform his life from a shy-introverted kid into who he is today.

Key takeaways:

  • What are the different types of comparison.
  • How to embrace upward comparison.
  • Three steps to use upward comparison to fuel your growth.


Speaker Raj Subrameyer keynote topic

Your Personal Brand Is Your Super Power: Differentiate Yourself in the New Normal

Unlearn everything you know about your career and jobs. It is time we adapt to the new normal.

You have worked in a company for over a decade. You have been loyal, faithful, and put in a lot of hard work to do your best job over the years. All of a sudden, things like COVID happen and you get laid off or you do not get that promotion. Now what? How do you handle unexpected situations in your job and bounce back from it? How do you show your boss that you are special? This is a common narrative we are hearing these days and people are starting to realize that, there is no stability in their careers and they have to start looking ahead to the future.

Your personal brand will be the single most important thing that will set you apart from your competition, and I will teach you the tips, tricks, and tools to build it and thrive in the career you love.

Why Raj is the best person for this topic:

  • He wrote a best-selling book on this topic “Skyrocket Your Career: The No Bullsh*t Approach to Find Your Dream Job, Be Successful in It, and Transform into a Rockstar”.
  • His book is the 2021 Readers’ Favorite Silver Medal Winner.

Key takeaways:

  • Understand and learn strategies to adapt to the future of work.
  • How to build your personal brand.
  • How to set yourself miles apart from your competition.


Speaker Raj Subrameyer keynote topic

The Path to Stable Mental Health – Preventing Burnout with Productivity and Mindfulness Hacks

We are still in the midst of a pandemic and barely able to balance work and life. We have priorities and deadlines at work, at home, and in our personal lives. We have this feeling where we are working on multiple tasks all day long and at the end of day when we review our work, we realize we haven’t accomplished anything concrete.

The main reason for this is, our work and home environments are filled with distractions from having unnecessary and unproductive meetings, people constantly checking their messages on phones, emails, and slack channels to our day to day distractions we face from our family members who are trying to co-exist in the same space as you.

As a result, we feel demotivated, less productive, and burnt out by the end of the day. Burnout is a serious issue and is attributed to a lot of mental and health issues. Raj was one such person who after working around the clock and helping people 24/7 ended up getting admitted to the hospital. How do we prevent this repetitive cycle from happening on a daily basis? This is where mindfulness and productivity hacks can help. Use these hacks to be highly productive at work and in your personal life and be your best self to your organization and the loved ones around you.

Why Raj is the best person for this topic:

  • He wrote an article on this topic for InfoQ which is one the biggest publications in the world – Becoming More Efficient and Productive in a Distracted World.
  • In 2018, Raj suffered severe burnout and had to be admitted to the ER. Since then he has used productivity and mindfulness hacks to reclaim his life.

Key takeaways:

  • Why is mental health important and the current state of burnout in the industry.
  • Different productivity hacks to preserve your mental and physical health.
  • Lessons learned practicing these strategies.


Speaker Reel - Raj Subrameyer - TEDx & International Keynote Speaker

Comparing myself to others saved my life | Raj Subrameyer | TEDxYouth@Alief

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He’s the “Average guy” one of the greatest motivational speakers that I’ve had the opportunity to speak with and feel inspired to continue my journey.

Yola Bastos

CEO, Life Coach & Podcast Host

Raj is among the top speakers I have had the pleasure to see live.

Eran Kinsbrune

DevOps Chief Evangelist, Keynote Speaker & Best-Selling Author

Raj is a phenomenon. When he sets foot on stage there is no holding him back. He is a bundle of energy.

Ron Werner

International Keynote Speaker & Senior Software Quality Consultant

Raj is a true inspiration! He is one of the top keynote speakers we have ever had. He talks about unique topics not everybody talks about and wraps it up in a great performance filled with humor, great storytelling, and charisma.

Uwe Gelfert

Visionary Event Coordinator, Organizer of the largest software testing conference in the world

Raj is an outstanding speaker. He just has a gift to make you feel inspired. After hearing him speak I always walk away feeling motivated and energized.

Joel Gerbino, Director of Quality Engineering

Modus Create

He is one of the most inspirational speakers I have seen who can move an audience. He is a great storyteller and always uses his real-life experiences to convey powerful messages.

Anthony Kless

IT Manager, Progressive Insurance

Charming, energetic and practical are words that come to mind when I think about Raj's content writing and speaking skills.

Francis Adanza

Online Cycling Gear

Raj is a visionary. He has developed deep insights about the software world and shares them in such a powerful, fun, and engaging way. He is a man with a strong concept and is an expert in his field.

Vipin Jain

MetaCube Software

Raj has this unique gift of breaking down complex topics into simple understandable format. His talks are always filled with humor, fun, entertainment and thought provoking ideas.

Uday Thonangi

Liberty Mutual Insurance

Raj is a blast to listen to. He always challenges me and makes me think throughout all the presentations he gives.

Owen Gotimer

CEO, OG Media
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