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Nick Looby

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Modern Communication Specialist, Author.

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Speaker Nick Looby is a communication specialist that passionately speaks on the positive and negative aspects of communication and how we can successfully use our natural-born talent in our favor. Nick unveils the basis of authentic communication as he uses psychology, story-telling, and guided strategies in assisting audience members into becoming real communication experts for the advancement of work, personal, and their relation with themselves.

Why book speaker Nick Looby?

  • Nick provides the fundamentals. As the world is continuously evolving, Nick gets the audience back to the fundamentals of communication in hopes of being a better communicator for your children, co-workers, spouses, and self.
  • He answers underlying questions. In speaker Nick Looby’s latest book, Modern Zombies, he has shaken up the communication industry and sparked some incredibly interesting debates across all sectors. Nick has audience members analyze their habits to help them create a healthier, more productive communication lifestyle.
  • He is a communication optimization expert. Nick demonstrates how you can revolutionize your communication environment, transform your teams, enhance all of your interactions, and cultivate the results you deserve.

Speaker Nick Looby on how to reach people of all calibers:

“If you want to connect with a fellow human in a way that resonates, you’ve got to communicate in a human to human way. That is the only way to truly get through to your audience.”

Speaker Nick Looby is an expert in human interaction, the evolved communication landscape, the psychology of impactful messaging, and unleashing our forgotten super-powers. Nick’s message is for you if you’re drowning in an ocean of communication noise, and your career depends on you being heard. Nick’s extensive work history includes a total of 9 years of sales management, and business development, 15 years of directory experience and 16 years and counting as the owner of his training organization, “ Feet on the Ground”. Nick also holds his BA in philosophy and literature from the University of Sussex. 

In today’s overwhelming communication environment, you can’t afford to settle for being heard – you must ensure that you get through! We all want to enjoy stronger relationships at work and home, secure incredible success with clients and loved ones, and have the sort of fun we deserve through enhanced and impactful human communication. It’s not much to ask, but we have forgotten how. Nick has been delighting audiences for over a decade with his power to inspire action. 

Speaker Nick Nobby connects to audiences through focused observation, insightful humor, and strategies that every event attendee can embrace and implement immediately. With Nick’s potent and unique approach to communication, Nick will not only alter the way you think but, more importantly, transform the way you act.

Nick continues to help some of the world’s most influential organizations, including HSBC, Bayer Animal Health, Proctor & Gamble, The Property Ombudsman, and the BBC, to greater success by enabling them to communicate with more courage, influence, and purpose.

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Keynote by speaker Nick Looby

Modern Communication Mastery - Your Zombie Slayer's Toolkit

Insights taken from my book ‘Modern Zombies’ – delivering solutions to Communication Overwhelm and its hidden evil twin, underwhelm.

Giving audiences the tools to rise above the noise and get through to their audiences at work, at home and beyond.

Audiences take aways:

  • Tools and motivation to bring back empathy, rapport, resonance and human ‘super-powers’ to their most important interactions.
  • Without these strategies we will drown in cheap, easy and convenient content and burn out under the strain of meaningless transactions.
  • We are all infected with the most modern communication virus – this is the start of our cure.
Keynote by speaker Nick Looby

Uncovering Your Forgotten Super-Powers

A fun-filled exploration of stunning human communication mastery and how we can all access forgotten strengths and powers.

Audience takeaways:

  • Investigating the latest thinking around positive mindsets, cognitive diversity, psychological safety, body language observation and storytelling. Nick outlines and demonstrates how we can all communicate with incredible power and human impact.
  • These are skills we can all access, we have evolved to be amazing at them all – we just need reminding – ideally in a fun, humorous and inspirational way.
  • Audiences take away the tools and the motivation required to transform their communication super-powers back into the incredible assets they have always been.


    Nick Looby is one of the best presenters I have ever come across, his relaxed and informal approach works well and he always makes me sit up, listen and smile. Nick is a joy to watch and whenever I hear him speak I always learn something and apply it immediately! The best thing that Nick does is make you question the way you do things and he always gets you thinking. Simply Brilliant!

    Hayley Roy

    Managing Director, ChairsGB.com

    The pace of business change today has never been faster and the competition is global. Everyone is looking for a technology silver bullet but it’s so often the case of smart computers and dumb companies. Nick could be your answer. He totally understands your most important but complex asset, your people, and his technique can unleash their true potential to let engagement and productivity soar.

    Mervyn Middleby

    Head of Technology & Operations, BBC Northern Ireland
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