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Mike Anthony

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Shopper marketing expert helping businesses to position themselves better and understand their markets

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The world of retail and shopping seems to constantly be changing in this fast-paced world. Luckily, shopper marketing speaker Mike Anthony is an expert on this and knows exactly how to get you transformed to fit the current trends. Mike has worked in the consumer goods industry all his life, and many corporations and organizations have learned from his keynotes.

Speaker Mike Anthony has worked in marketing and sales for 30 years, starting out as a practitioner at global leading companies like United Biscuits. Mike worked his way up and in 1997, he moved to Asia and started a position as Marketing Director for China. Today, Mike works full time as a consultant and keynote speaker for businesses wishing to position themselves better and understand the market.

Marketing and sales continue to be the most important factors of business growth, for good reason; no sales, no growth. However, for many organizations the fast-moving world of marketing trends can be hard and confusing to understand. Mike has both the practical experience of being a successful marketing director and experience as a consultant and has helped numerous different organizations reach their goals and grow. Mike is also the CEO of the management consultancy engage where he has worked with some of the biggest corporations like Coca-Cola, Sony, 7-11 and Unilever.

As a speaker Mike Anthony is engaging and charismatic. Even in a diverse audience with a difference in positions and experience, Mike manages to ensure that everyone goes home with valuable knowledge and practical tools. His audience is often blown away by his expertise and dynamic style, and his good sense of humor is always appreciated.

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    Speaker Mike Anthony Keynote Topics

    Keynote by Speaker Mike Anthony

    How e-commerce is changing everything in marketing

    • Many commentators are talking about e-commerce but few are considering the real impact on marketing.
    • In this keynote, Mike shares the key-trends in the global retail market, the implications for brands, and key actions brands must take to survive and thrive
    • E-commerce affects your on and offline business, causing brands to lose distribution, profit and to even die completely, and this keynote will ensure you’re on the right track.

    Keynote by Speaker Mike Anthony

    How technology is changing retail and shopping

    • It’s no secret that technology has changed everything, especially in shopping and retail.
    • In this keynote, speaker Mike Anthony takes a look at the main technology trends in shopping and retail and the impact that has on shopper behavior, manufacturers and retailers – and what businesses should do about it.
    • Technology can hardly be avoided and this keynote is relevant for anyone wanting to understand how to work with technology or get a general understanding of the changes coming.

    Keynote by Speaker Mike Anthony

    Shopper Insights For Growth

    • Most organizations don’t understand shoppers very well, and that drives costs and means that opportunities are missed.
    • Mike Anthony is ready to discuss the difference between consumers and shoppers, why this is important, and how leading organizations are using shopper insights to drive massive growth.
    • This keynote is valuable for anyone wanting to truly understand the mind of their shoppers to market and sell better.
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Keynote topics with Mike Anthony