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Charlie Cannon

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Executive coach and resilience trainer improving leadership performance with resilience and energy management

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Speaker Charlie Cannon has worked and coached at the interface of leadership, performance and wellbeing for almost 2 decades. Coaching leaders - from some of the most well known brands in the world - to become more resilient and energetic.

Charlie specializes in helping leaders and teams achieve sustained performance. For this they need resilience – but also the often overlooked asset ENERGY. Among his list of amazing clients, speaker Charlie Cannon has worked with Deloitte, Tesco, HSBC Barclays, Mars and Unilever.

Speaker Charlie Cannon’s Background

At the age of 21, Charlie Cannon fell asleep at the wheel. After a traumatic car accident which left him and his sister badly injured, Charlie rethought his attitude toward failure.
He woke up, realizing that he had also fallen at the wheel of life. He learned through this near death experience that setbacks are our biggest opportunities for growth and development.

Charlie has been coaching individuals and groups for his whole career. He started out as a professional tennis coach and a successful personal trainer, who at one point was training both an Oscar winning actor and actress. Then, as a fitness coach and trainer, Charlie regularly received feedback from busy executives that their performance at work had improved due to their increase in fitness and energy. This led him to the direction of executive coaching. As a mindset and life coach to CEOs and entrepreneurs, keynote speaker Charlie Cannon is passionate about enabling high achievers to reach peak performance.

Make your next speaker Charlie Cannon to experience his motivational talks full of real life stories and insights into resilience and performance! His talks are tailored to help YOU – with your leadership and your goals.

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    Speaker Charlie Cannon Keynote Topics

    • Resilient Leadership

    Why do some people appear to adapt to stressful situations better than others? How come some people recover from adverse experiences whilst others do not? Why do some individuals manifest a capacity to cope with high work demands far more successfully than others? And why do some individuals seem to cope better with change and uncertainty?

    This is the topic of resilience, the capacity to prepare, adapt and recover from challenge, stress and adversity.

    There is a growing consensus that with advances in technology and globalisation, leaders and managers need to be more fleet of foot and able to cope with what some have dubbed a VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity) world and the anxiety that that entails. Resilient leaders are becoming increasingly important as the business climate is transformed beyond recognition.

    This Masterclass is designed to educate, empower and inspire leaders to discover and maximise their own levels of resilience. They will build a unique insight into the five core capabilities of resilience and an understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses. They will learn practical strategies, tactics and tools to bolster two of the core capabilities (perspective and energy), giving them the resilience they need to respond positively to the various pressures and demands of their own particular environment.


    • The Perspective Capability

    Resilient individuals have response-ability. They recognize that it is not events themselves that undo us but our response to them. They are able to mentally take a step back from challenging circumstances, accept the negative side of things whilst finding opportunity in the midst of adversity. They show cognitive flexibility and positively reframe negative experiences, expanding choices for action. Accepting what they cannot change, resilient individuals focus their efforts on those things they can change. In this section we will explore strategies to be able to gain perspective and explore recent research in to how positive emotion enhances the amount of actions choices we can conceptualize. Finally they will learn how to build a positive physiological state called coherence, which many great high performers use to perform under pressure.


    • Energy Management

    Managing energy not time is the key to sustained performance. When we have energy and challenges come up, we can think more clearly, keep our cool, do what we need to do and move on. We are more resourceful and have more stability. Arguably there are four core sources of personal energy our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. We will focus on the often, missing piece in leadership development which is our physical energy, we will explore the scientific benefits of sleep and recovery and the link to high performance and leadership capability. We will look at the truth about exercise and what to do with a minimum amount of time and the incredibly important link of how exercise impacts our brain, cognitive capacities, builds positive emotion and alleviates stress.

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