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Cedric Dumont

High Performance Coach & Speaker
Country: Belgium

Keynote speaker Cedric Dumont’s longtime fascination with flight led him to become a wingsuit flyer, base jumper and international Red Bull athlete. He shares with audiences what he learns from these extreme environments.

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~ Take educated risks – when you stop taking risks, you stop living life ~ 

Constantly in pursuit of more iconic places to jump from, our speaker Cedric Dumont has completed over 11,000 skydives and 2,500 BASE jumps. Among his most notable jumps are a BASE jump from the Gocta Falls In Peru, the third highest waterfall in the world, a wingsuit flight over the Nazca desert in Peru, and a freefall over the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, the “Leap of Wonder”.

With a degree in Applied Sports & High Performance Psychology, Cedric frequently coaches both individuals and groups. He understands how high performance athletes and top performers in other areas achieve their best. Speaker Cedric Dumont teaches you how to cope under pressure – in even the most difficult circumstances – with the right mentality.

In his talks, speaker Cedric Dumont examines questions such as: Why are some people more willing to take risks than others? Why do some constantly push the envelope of what is possible?  What is “Flow” and how can I achieve it? He motivates audiences to confront their fears and overcome them! Get out of your comfort zone and learn how to survive in high-pressure environments.

In his keynote speeches, Cedric brings you practical insights into achieving the state of high consciousness, high productivity and hyper- awareness from the extreme sports environment.

Speaker Cedric Dumont in ACTION:

    Speaker Cedric Dumont Keynote Speaker:

    • High Performance at work: Greatness begins beyond your comfort zone
    • The neurochemistry of flow: becoming the best version of yourself
    • Confront your fears, manage risk and become resilient under pressure
    • Self-Leadership: have a developed sense of who you are, what you can achieve
    • Achieve deep focus and increase your productivity
    • Develop a “growth”mindset for success
    • Find your purpose for full engagement and happiness at work
    • Leadership: Create trust and empowerment within a team.
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