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Dr. Mel Campbell

Motivational Psychologist and Trainer
Country: USA

Keynote speaker Dr. Mel Campbell is one of the top motivational psychologists in the world. He efficiently combines theories of motivation and psychology in his teaching, and applies it to customer service, sales, communication, and business.

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Why you should book Dr. Mel Campbell

  • Speaker Dr. Mel Campbell will provide techniques and tools that will raise your employee’s skill levels
  • Dr. Mel uses psychology training to help improve employee’s productivity and create strategies and solutions to improve employee performance
  • Dr. Mel also helps you analyze employee’s negative behavior patterns and pinpoint issues impacting employee motivation

For the last 17 years, Dr. Mel Campbell has shared his expertise in more than 320 cities in six countries, has given more than 1,100 presentations, and has motivated more than 47,000 students. A frequent media commentator, he has also reached hundreds of thousands over television and radio.

Dr. Mel Campbell has ample corporate experience from working at leading companies such as IBM, MCI and Equifax. His education includes an MBA from Northwood University, a Bachelor of Science from the University of Tennessee, and a Doctorate in Psychology. Dr. Mel is also a Certified Executive Coach.

Using his own unique methods and skills, Dr. Mel Campbell teaches audiences how to improve their customer service and sales skills, ensuring them maximum success. He helps enhance employee communication skills, and can analyze employees’ negative behavioral patterns and suggest concrete changes. He analyzes and pinpoints issues impacting employee motivation and provides actionable strategies to enhance their motivation. Finally, Dr. Mel supports companies after the training or presentation to ensure that lessons are applied via coaching, webinars, and digital resources.

    Keynote from Dr. Mel Campbell

    Sales Training

    • Asking the right questions
    • Closing the sale
    • Dealing with Objections
    • Gaining customers for life
    • The characteristics of top sales reps
    • The sales process that closes business
    • Understanding your customers’ needs
    • Upselling/Referrals part of the process


    Keynote from Dr. Mel Campbell

    Customer Service Training

    • 10 Commandments of Customer Service
    • 7 habits of customer service reps
    • Creating a Customer Service Culture
    • Customer Service 101
    • Customer Service Competencies all employees should know
    • Taking your Customer Service to the Next Level


    Keynote from Dr. Mel Campbell

    Effective Communication, Emotional Intelligence

    • 10 steps to improve communication
    • Communicating strategies
    • How to effectively read body language
    • How to listen better
    • How to strength communicate skills


    Keynote from Dr. Mel Campbell

    Understanding Personality Styles

    • The four personality styles: The Director, The Social, The Logic, The Empath
    • Learn how to read others personality style and communicate appropriately.
    • Helps identify strategies for motivating individuals to peak performance
    • Learn the strengths and weaknesses of each personality style
    • Learn how to use personality styles for improved communication strategies
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