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Achieve excellence with Patrick Lencioni, the visionary behind "The Five Dysfunctions of a Team." Elevate your organization's clarity, teamwork, and engagement.

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Unlock organizational excellence with Patrick Lencioni, the pioneer of health-focused leadership. As CEO of The Table Group, he's guided Fortune 500s, sports giants, and more. Harness his wisdom, humor, and proven strategies for cohesive teams and engaged employees. Book today for transformative success.

Why book speaker Patrick Lencioni?

  • As the founder and president of The Table Group, Lencioni offers a wealth of real-world experience and solutions to help your organization improve teamwork, clarity, and employee engagement.
  • Patrick’s keynotes are renowned for their inspiration, humor, and thought-provoking insights. Your audience will leave motivated and equipped with actionable takeaways.
  • Named one of the ‘ten new gurus you should know’ by Fortune Magazine, Patrick Lencioni brings a prestigious reputation and valuable insights to your event.

Patrick Lencioni is not your average motivational speaker; he’s a transformative force in the world of organizational health and teamwork. Picture this: Lencioni takes the stage at your event, and within moments, he captivates your audience with his signature blend of inspiration, humor, and storytelling.

What sets Patrick Lencioni apart is his profound understanding of the everyday challenges businesses face. He doesn’t just talk theory; he offers practical, actionable solutions that can be implemented immediately.

Booking Patrick Lencioni for your event means arming your teams with the tools and insights needed to foster cohesive, high-performing units. With over 20 years of experience, Lencioni has helped Fortune 500 companies, sports organizations, government agencies, non-profits, schools, and churches achieve their goals.

His expertise isn’t confined to a single industry—Lencioni’s wide-ranging appeal ensures that his insights are relevant to diverse sectors.

Perhaps you’ve read his bestselling book, “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team,” or you’ve seen his work featured in prestigious publications like Fortune and Harvard Business Review. Now, imagine having him as the keynote speaker at your event, delivering a customized message that resonates with your organization’s unique needs.

When you book Patrick Lencioni, you’re investing in a transformational experience that will empower your teams, elevate your organization’s performance, and leave a lasting impact. Don’t miss the opportunity to bring his expertise to your event and unlock the full potential of your organization. Contact us today to book Patrick Lencioni and embark on a journey toward organizational excellence.

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Keynote by speaker Patrick Lencioni

The Advantage

Addressing the model in his brand-new book, The Advantage: Why Organizational Health Trumps Everything Else in Business, Patrick makes the overwhelming case that organizational health “will surpass all other disciplines in business as the greatest opportunity for improvement and competitive advantage.”

While too many leaders are still limiting their search for advantage to conventional and largely exhausted areas like marketing, strategy and technology, our speaker Patrick Lencioni demonstrates that there is an untapped gold mine sitting right beneath them.

Audience takeaways:

  • Asserting that leaders and organizations need to shift their focus to becoming healthier, allowing them to tap into the more-than-sufficient intelligence and expertise they already have.
  • He defines a healthy organization as one that has minimal politics and confusion, high degrees of morale and productivity, and very low turnover among good employees.
  • Drawing on his work consulting to some of the world’s leading teams and reaffirming many of the themes cultivated in his other best‑sellers, Patrick Lencioni reveals the four steps to achieving the ultimate competitive advantage.
Keynote by speaker Patrick Lencioni

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

According to Patrick Lencioni, teamwork remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it is so powerful and so rare. He makes the point that if you could get all the people in an organization rowing in the same direction, you could dominate any industry, in any market, against any competition, at any time.

Audience takeaways:

  • Based on his runaway best-seller, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, Patrick uncovers the natural human tendencies that derail teams and lead to politics and confusion in so many organizations.
  • Audience members will walk away with specific advice and practical tools for overcoming the dysfunctions and making their teams more functional and cohesive.
Keynote by speaker Patrick Lencioni

Getting Naked

Based on the principles in Getting Naked, Patrick presents a revolutionary and counterintuitive approach to client service that yields uncommon levels of trust and loyalty.

Naked Service, as Lencioni calls it, provokes consultants and service providers to be completely transparent and vulnerable with clients and to avoid the three fears that ultimately sabotage client allegiance.

Audience takeaways:

  • Learn principles like ‘enter the danger,’ ‘tell the kind truth,’ and ‘always consult instead of sell’ that can help you establish a fiercely loyal client base.
  • Whether you are an internal or external consultant, financial advisor or anyone else serving long-term clients—you will glean some powerful tools for overcoming the three fears, and gain a real and lasting competitive edge.
Keynote by speaker Patrick Lencioni

Silos, Politics and Turf Wars

In his talk, keynote speaker Patrick Lencioni tackles a prominent symptom of corporate frustration: silos, the invisible barriers that separate work teams, departments and divisions, causing people who are supposed to be on the same team to work against one another.

According to Patrick, silos—and the turf wars they enable—devastate organizations by wasting resources, killing productivity and jeopardizing results.

Audience takeaways:

  • Drawing from his book, Silos, Politics, and Turf Wars, Lencioni provides leaders with powerful advice on how to eliminate the structural obstacles that derail organizations.
  • Urging leaders to provide a compelling context for their employees to work together, Patrick’s model gives leaders a simple tool for enabling clarity, unity and alignment in their organizations.
Keynote by speaker Patrick Lencioni

Managing for Employee Engagement

In this talk, keynote speaker Patrick Lencioni addresses perhaps the most timeless and elusive topic related to work: job misery.

Based on his much‑anticipated book, The Three Signs of a Miserable Job, Lencioni delivers a message that is as revolutionary as it is shockingly simple.

Audience takeaways:

  • Using a mix of humor and poignancy, speaker Patrick dismantles the root causes of frustration and anguish at work: anonymity, irrelevance and ‘immeasurement.’
  • He provides managers at all levels, as well as employees, with actionable wisdom and advice about how they can bring fulfillment and meaning to any job in any industry.
  • Whether you’re an executive looking to establish a sustainable competitive advantage around culture, a manager trying to engage and retain your people, or an employee who has almost given up on finding meaning and fulfillment in your work, this talk will prove immediately invaluable.
Keynote by speaker Patrick Lencioni

Confronting the Absurdity of Meetings

Based on his popular book, Death by Meeting, Patrick Lencioni reveals some surprising truths about why we hate meetings, why we shouldn’t, and how to make them productive—even enjoyable.

Audience takeaways:

  • Patrick debunks the myth that meetings are inherently bad and makes the case that they are, in fact, one of the most critical activities at the heart of a competitive organization.
  • Using pointed and humorous examples from his work, sought-after speaker Patrick Lencioni paints the picture of bad prototypical meetings, and presents a new, radical approach to meetings, one that transforms them from drudgery to focused, relevant and compelling business activities.
Keynote by speaker Patrick Lencioni

The Five Temptations of a Leader

Lencioni believes that leaders too often overcomplicate their jobs when, in reality, success hinges on mastering a few simple behaviors that require uncommon levels of discipline.

Audience takeaways:

  • Based on the model from his book The Five Temptations of a CEO, speaker Patrick Lencioni offers actionable advice on how to overcome the five behavioral pitfalls that prevent leaders from achieving their full potential.
Keynote by speaker Patrick Lencioni

The Three Big Questions for a Frantic Family

Drawing on a few of his most influential business models, Lencioni turns his attention to the most important and overlooked organization in society—the family.

Audience takeaways:

  • He demonstrates how addressing three important questions will help families yield context in which to make daily decisions, reduce distractions and, ultimately, restore sanity.
Watch Patrick Lencioni in action!

Are you an ideal team player? | Patrick Lencioni | TEDxUniversityofNevada

Watch Patrick Lencioni in action!

Introduction to The Meeting Advantage - Patrick Lencioni

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Not only did Pat's humor, wit and easygoing style engage the audience, he also provided insightful and extremely practical advice.

Mitchell Becker, Chief Operating Officer

AMEC Construction Management, Inc.

I can honestly say that Pat was one of the most enjoyable speakers we've had the privilege of hearing at Avnet. He entertained us, he inspired us, and he gave us invaluable insight into ourselves and the way we approach our business.

Roy Vallee, Chairman and CEO

Avnet, Inc.

Patrick's presentation really addressed the core issues of our high-level audience. As one member succinctly remarked: "What a great speaker! Entertaining, insightful, fresh view on leadership.

Lisa Napolitano, President and CEO

Strategic Account Management Association

Pat was a huge hit with our executives. He kept them completely engaged for more than four hours. More importantly, he specifically addressed the issues that we were facing as an organization and made a meaningful contribution in moving us forward.

Kenneth E. Sichau, Executive Vice President


What a huge home run! Pat Lencioni's presentation at our MIT Birthing of Giants program was simply outstanding--he received one of the highest ratings ever.

Brien Biondi, Chief Executive Officer

Young Entrepreneurs' Organization
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