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Roy Gluckman

Diversity & Inclusion Expert and Speaker
Country: South Africa

Roy Gluckman is a speaker, consultant and workshop builder on Diversity and Inclusion. Roy believes in tough conversations and is on a mission to help organizations talk about race, ethnicity and gender in an open and authentic way. A keynote with speaker Roy Gluckman will make the toughest conversations seem accessible and natural.

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Keynote speaker Roy Gluckman has an educational background in law and is a qualified attorney of the High Court of South Africa. Roy is South African and has seen the effects of Apartheid and a truly troubled past. South Africa has an incredible diverse demographic but is also facing social-economic issues, and Roy is on a mission to help South Africans understand culture, their past and show empathy and respect towards each other.

Speaker Roy Gluckman has 8 years experience in diversity and inclusion as a speaker, facilitator, consultant and panelist. Roy is passionate about nation building and standing together as one. Roy is also the founder of Cohesion Collective – a consulting and training firm which provides strategic and practical tools and research to businesses and organizations.

As a speaker Roy Gluckman is interactive, warm and inspiring. His research and keynote material is always up-to-date. The topic of diversity and inclusion seems to become more and more important and relevant, and organizations ought to educate themselves. Below are examples of some of Roy’s popular and sought-after keynote topics.

    Speaker Roy Gluckman Keynote Topics

    Adapt or DIE

    • In this keynote Roy covers the importance of DIE – Diversity, Inclusion and Equality.
    • Learn and understand how DIE can be seen as a core business objective to grow your organization in today’s world.
    • This keynote is great for leader and manager workshops, HR and D&I committees.


    Decoding Millennials, by a Millennial

    • Millennials. We all know one, maybe we are one, but do we truly understand how they contribute to our organizations?
    • In this keynote presentation, Roy will uncover the truth about millennials and how they relate to the topic of DIE, and why they’re important to you.
    • This keynote is great for business leaders, recruiters and internship programs.


    Refracting the Rainbow: LGBTIQ

    • In this keynote, Roy will cover the basics of LGBTQ: Who does it stand for, why is this conversation important and what is the next step?
    • You will learn how to include LGBTQ members in your organization.
    • This keynote is great for entire staff and employees, business leaders, HR and LGBTQ forums.
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