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Charlie Luxton

Architectural Designer & TV Presenter
Country: UK

The keynote speaker Charlie Luxton is an architectural designer and sustainable architecture expert. He is the host of several TV programs and an acclaimed author. Charlie merges his design expertise with his passion for the environment and takes his attendees on exciting journeys into the world of attractive sustainable building.

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Charlie Luxton regularly gives talks to corporate audiences and is an in-demand public speaker in his field. He communicates his ideas with enthusiasm and shows ways to make the future of construction not only more sustainable but also more attractive.

Apart from his design work, our speaker Charlie Luxton has been working as a writer and TV broadcaster for the last fifteen years. Currently, he fronts Building the Dream and Homes by the Sea for More4. Charlie is also a regular guest designer and sustainability expert for the BBC’s DIY SOS: The Big Build, and has filmed reports for BBC1’s Britain’s Hidden Heritage, the Culture Show and Rebuilding the Past, both on BBC2.

For the keynote speaker Charlie Luxton spreading his ideas about the sustainable future of building is a matter of heart. He is a charismatic talker and engages with his audiences. Whether talking about airport terminals or termites he is always passionate, accessible and informative.

    Speaker Charlie Luxton Keynote Topics

    • Sustainable Architecture
    • Eco-friendly future design
    • Current developments in the building industry
    • Design & Architecture
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