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An award-winning speaker on mathematics and computer science


Roger Antonsen

travels from Norway

Discover the colorful and entertaining side of mathematics and computer science with professor Roger

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Speaker Roger Antonsen is a mathematician, logician, computer scientist, artist and author. As an energetic and experienced presenter, Roger engages everyone with his talks. He challenges his audiences to think differently and explore new mindsets. From mathematics to philosophy and art, Roger offers a wide range of subjects for people all over the world.

Why you should book speaker Roger Antonsen

  • Roger is an expert in a broad range of topics: mathematics, computer science, art, and philosophy.
  • He won several “best lecturer” awards and he is frequently invited as a speaker all over the world.
  • His keynotes are available both in English and Norwegian.

As an Associate Professor at the University of Oslo and recently visiting scholar at UC Berkeley, California and ICERM at Brown University, speaker Roger Antonsen is committed to communicate science in original ways. While he has a PhD in mathematical logic and proof theory, Roger also offers a wide range of subjects from computer science to philosophy and art. He is known for challenging people to think differently and explore new perspectives.

Roger frequently appears as a speaker all over the world. He talked at NerdNite in San Francisco, the Pour Symposium in Paris, and the CSLA conference in Hong Kong. His engaging and energetic keynotes are truly entertaining and thought-provoking. His engaging and energetic keynotes are truly entertaining and thought-provoking. Speaker Roger Antonsen also frequently publishes mathematics columns in Norway’s largest printed newspaper and has a YouTube series about fascinating mathematical patterns..

You can read more about Roger on his website: https://www.rogerantonsen.com/

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See keynotes with Roger Antonsen

    Keynote by Speaker Roger Antonsen

    The Beautiful World of Algorithmic Art and Mathematical Visualizations

    How many Celtic knots are there? What is the connection between mathematics and juggling? What is a random walk? How can algoritms and mathematics lead to beautiful art?

    • Join Roger for a rapid-fire, nerdy extravaganza and a journey through a strange, quirky, and beautiful world of mathematical visualizations. Enjoy Celtic knots, random walks, trees, bubbles, chaos, cats, automata, and much more!
    • This fun and accessible talk explores the most colorful and creative sides of mathematics. Learn about juggling, puzzles, art, as well as more abstract concepts such as multiple infinites and fixed points.
    • Roger can also talk about recreational mathematics: How many moves are required to solve Rubik’s cube? How many ways can you tie a tie knot? How can you quickly calculate the weekday of any date?

    Keynote by Speaker Roger Antonsen

    A Crash Course in Computer Science and Algorithms

    What are algorithms? How can you learn to understand programming languages? Why should you learn to code? What do programming, coding, computer science, and data actually mean?

    • With many examples and visual demonstrations, in this easy-to-understand, entertaining, and educational talk, Roger offers an introduction to the key concepts associated with algorithms and programming.
    • This talk can also address the history of computer science, from Leibniz and mechanic calculators to cryptocurrencies and artificial intelligence, and provide an overview of various programming languages.
    • Roger can also tie this talk to mathematics: How can programming be used in mathematics education? How can programming contribute to a deeper understanding of mathematics? What is the mathematical analysis of algorithms?

    Keynote by Speaker Roger Antonsen

    The Playful Path to Understanding

    How do you know if you truly understand something? Why is playfulness so important to life and learning? What hidden insights can we learn from the enigmatic world of mathematics and abstract thinking?

    • Join Roger for a playful exploration of metaphors and models—computer programming and math art—and the curious connection between the territory and the map.
    • In this entertaining and visual presentation, Roger looks at the nature of understanding, the essence of mathematics, and how important analogies and representations are in our attempts to understand the world.
    • This keynote can also be oriented towards a more personal, philosophical discussion on empathy and what it means to truly understand yourself, others, and the world around you.




Roger has a rare and contagious commitment to the subject he conveys.It is worth noting how rare good math communicators are and how important they are. And Roger is the best I've ever encountered. He is a Carl Sagan, or perhaps more accurately a Neil DeGrasse Tyson, for the borderland between mathematics and computer science. He explains complex ideas so they become easy. With an understanding of the audience's level and deep insight into the ideas he conveys, he strikes the perfect balance between simplification and precision.

Roger Antonsen is a brilliant communicator, and it is not surprising to me that Roger is also nominated among the nation's best lecturers in Morgenbladet's ranking of the country's best lecturers.

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