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Beatrice Freeman

Award-Winning Speaker, Comedian and Story-Teller
Country: UK

Keynote speaker Beatrice Freeman has had 7 careers, ranging from opera to cyber security. She motivates to conquer the fear of change and entertains as a comedian with the “Frustrated Prima Donna Collection”.

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Beatrice Freeman has portrayed many tragic roles in opera, and she has been on quite a journey herself. Due to recession she had to retrain; she moved on to cyber security and became the CCO for mkryptor. In the process of raising cybercrime awareness she had to network daily and this experience allowed her to write a guide to successful networking in live events. She is also the Regional Winner of the 2017 Professional Speaking Association’s Speaker Factor.

With her unique background, Beatrice brings something completely new and refreshing to the after-dinner stage as the “Frustrated Prima Donna”. As a motivational speaker, she draws on her experience in overcoming complex challenges and exposes common myths. She helps build resilience, courage and self-trust.

Beatrice Freeman is the author of a five-star book, Introverts Make Better Networkers: How Anyone Can Succeed and a nationally acknowledged networking guru, interviewed by a top UK newspaper. The granular approach in her method makes the networking process easier and helps build a sustainable network for yourself with more confidence and better results.

    Speaker Beatrice Freeman Keynote Topics


    • Personal Impact
    • Networking



    Comedy: The Frustrated Prima Donna Collection

    Did You Think It Would Be Much Bigger? The Operatic Voice.

    How to Handle the Stick Man and Die Successfully.

    Gardening Kneepads for Madam Butterfly: Real Opera Stories.

    No Milk in My Tea or How to Be Special.

    Life is Too Confusing: Dog Mess and Eton Mess.


    Motivational Speaker

    The Dawn Always Comes – But How to Cope with the Darkest Hour?

    That’s Not What I Ordered – Resilience, Change and Thinking on Your Feet.

    Success as a Female in a Male-Dominated Profession.

    This Isn’t Someone Else’s Life – It’s Yours: Ownership, Perseverance and Personal Impact.

    Ageing is Optional or Life Begins at 50.

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