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Nina Conti

Comedian, Entertainer, Ventriloquist
Country: UK

Keynote speaker Nina Conti is a born comedian and entertainer. She is a ground-breaking ventriloquist, BAFTA nominated filmmaker and British Comedy Award winner. With already two sell-out tours in the UK as proof of evidence, Nina Conti is a strongly in-demand and still rising star in the British entertainment industry. Her after-dinner performances enchant any audience.

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With over ten years experience in stand-up ventriloquism, the eccentric speaker Nina Conti has developed extraordinarily amusing characters like her foul-mouthed ‘sidekick’ Monkey (Monk). Together with him, Nina has not only performed on TV but also at corporate events.

Blessed with an eccentric personality, our speaker Nina Conti does after-dinner cabaret with Monk (and sometimes her other puppets) for clients as varied as Nokia, Deloitte, Caspian Publishing, AAH Pharmaceuticals. Jardine Lloyd Thompson, Adobe, the Duke of Edinburgh Awards, Incisive Media, the DRP group, PWC Events, and many more.

A regular guest in some of Britain’s most popular TV shows and live events, the experienced speaker Nina Conti is highly professional and comfortable with any kind of audience. Her sophisticated humour and playful style are gifts of nature that have already brought her numerous comedy awards for her writing, acting and ventriloquism.

For corporate audiences, the whimsical speaker Nina Conti and Monk can be as clean or as rude as each client wishes!

    Speaker Nina Conti Keynote Topics

    • Custom-tailored after-dinner engagements
    • Liver Performances of her current program “In Your Face”
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