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Understanding the Psychology of Storytelling

Will Storr

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Discover the power of storytelling with Will Storr, award-winning writer and bestselling author.

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Experience the unparalleled insights of award-winning writer Will Storr. With a track record of bestsellers and prestigious awards, Will's expertise in storytelling captivates audiences worldwide. Elevate your event with his compelling narratives and transformative workshops. Book now for an unforgettable keynote experience.

Why you should book Will Storr for your next event

  • Unlock the full potential of storytelling with Will Storr’s expertise, providing your audience with access to a renowned author and journalist whose expertise promises an unforgettable and enriching experience.
  • Benefit from the wisdom of a Sunday Times bestselling author, whose works have resonated with audiences and garnered widespread acclaim.
  • Partner with a trusted ghostwriter for top public figures, tapping into Will Storr’s unparalleled skill in crafting compelling narratives that resonate with audiences globally.

Introducing Will Storr, a keynote speaker whose expertise in storytelling transcends the ordinary, offering a fresh perspective that resonates with audiences on a deeper level. With a background as an award-winning writer and journalist, Will’s captivating narratives empower organizations to communicate, lead, and succeed in today’s fast-paced corporate landscape.

Imagine your team facing a critical business challenge, searching for solutions amidst complexity. Will Storr steps in with the power of storytelling, distilling complex ideas into relatable narratives that captivate and inspire. His bestselling books, including “The Science of Storytelling,” have earned him accolades from industry leaders and readers alike, solidifying his reputation as a thought leader in narrative strategy.

But Will’s impact extends beyond the written word. As a motivational speaker, he empowers audiences to harness storytelling as a strategic tool for communication, leadership, and organizational success. Whether delivering a keynote on the science of persuasion or leading a workshop on crafting compelling narratives, Will’s engaging presence and transformative message leave a lasting impression.

Book Will Storr for your event and elevate your organization’s storytelling to new heights. With his unparalleled ability to connect, inspire, and motivate, Will Storr is the key to unlocking your organization’s full narrative potential.

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Keynote by Will Storr

The Science of Storytelling

Will regularly conducts popular storytelling classes in London and presents his acclaimed Science of Storytelling workshop worldwide, from Bangkok to Istanbul to the European Parliament.

His Science of Storytelling for Business speeches offer an evidence-based approach, drawing on the latest insights from psychology and neuroscience to elucidate the art and impact of storytelling for influencers, persuaders, and motivators alike. Whether you’re a business leader, marketer, communicator, or affiliated with an NGO or think tank, this talk will revolutionize your approach to communication, yielding rapid results.

Attendees delve into the fundamental reasons and mechanisms behind how the human brain comprehends life as narratives, and how these narratives serve to inspire and foster connections with others. This newfound understanding can revolutionize how you promote and communicate your brand and business.

Watch Will Storr in action

The Science of Storytelling | Will Storr | TEDxManchester

See keynotes with Will Storr
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