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Neil Hanson

Neil Hanson

Ghost Writer, Inn Keeper & After Dinner Speaker
Country: UK

In a long and very chequered career, among a bewildering variety of other jobs, keynote speaker Neil Hanson has been an Oxford graduate, a plasterer’s mate, an ice cream salesman, a holiday camp redcoat and – simultaneously – an art critic and a rugby league commentator. Now he is a speaker who regails audiences with his hilarious experiences as a ghost writer and running Britain’s highest inn.

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Speaker Neil Hanson knows how to enjoy life. He has edited the boozer’s Bible – the Good Beer Guide – a job, he says, where it was practically a sacking offence not to go to the pub at lunchtime. He also ran, and later owned, Britain’s highest inn. His after-dinner speech “Inn & Out at the Top”, is based on the quirks and foibles, highs and lows of running this inn – so isolated that its next-door neighbour was 4 miles away and so high above sea level that it had its own climate, with winds that could tear car-doors off their hinges, and winter snows that cut off the inn for weeks on end.

Neil is now a successful author with an astounding 60 published books to his name. As well as his own work, he is also a “ghost writer” for, among others, sports stars, showbiz legends, captains of industry, SAS men, pilots, a treasure diver, an explorer, a kidnap negotiator, an undercover investigator and a spy.

A hugely engaging storyteller, Neil’s account of his time at the inn, grappling with tight-fisted farmers, eccentric characters, bizarre local customs, naturist weekends, “lates and lock-ins”, police raids by appointment, rats in the attic, close encounters with magistrates and planners, and the shooting of a famous double glazing commercial, is suitable for all audiences and all ages.

As an award winning speaker Neil Hanson has entertained audiences at every type of occasion – corporate events, conferences, festivals, luncheon clubs, dinners and banquets – throughout the UK and in New York, Chicago, Washington DC, Kansas City, New Orleans, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Auckland and Wellington.


The best after dinner speaker I’ve ever heard.‘ Audience member, Everest Ltd, 50th Anniversary Celebrations


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    Speaker Neil Hanson Keynote Topics

    • Inn and Out at the Top – Tales of Britain’s Highest Inn
    • The Ghostwriter – A humorous look into what happens when, like a real life Being John Malkovitch, you spend your working life inside someone else’s head…
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