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Donald Bailey

Special-Needs Advocate & Financial Advisor
Country: USA

Keynote speaker Donald Bailey is the father of his 30-year-old autistic son, and has devoted his life to help other people and families to ensure that their children are taken care of for the rest of their lives. Donald has a background in the insurance industry specializing in financial planning. His keynotes offer advice for families with a disabled family member and can truly change a life.

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Almost a third of families in the US have at least one family member with a disability. Speaker Donald Bailey is the founder of Legacy Care which is a service for families with a disabled family member, where they offer an integrated approach of planning, strategies and advice to ensure the best possible life for their loved ones. Donald is also the author of “Your Legacy of Care” – a financial guidebook for caretakers as well as the book “LIFE Learning Is For Everyone”.

Donald has experienced first-hand what it’s like to take care of a disabled family member and today his son, Donald Jr., lives a purposeful life with two part-time jobs and is a truly successful member of society. Although Donald has experience in the financial sector he was missing guidebooks and advice for life with a disabled family member and is proud to have contributed with his financial advice and strategies for families.

Speaker Donald Bailey is also the founding director of College Transition Connection, Inc. which is a non- profit responsible for the development and funding of programs in five South Carolina colleges for young adults who have an intellectual disability. Donald is passionate about helping other families and bringing awareness to the struggles of living with a disability.


    Speaker Donald Bailey Keynote Topics


    Keynote by Speaker Donald Bailey

    Autism Spectrum: Providing a Roadmap for Your Special Needs Child Today, Tomorrow and Always

    • Donald Bailey will educate your audience on the necessary steps families should take to ensure a child who has a special need is taken care of for a lifetime.
    • Information will include a Letter of Care document so future caregivers will have vital information on the individual’s needs at their fingertips. Also included will be a Self-Assessment document detailing specific financial, legal, and independent living questions to help families understand the imperative issues to be address and to begin their planning process easily and effectively.

    Keynote by Speaker Donald Bailey

    Autistic and Special Needs Children: Meeting the Challenges of Providing Sustainable Financial and Legal Care for a Lifetime

    • Audience members associated with the special needs community will take away valuable information on how to financially and legally care for a special needs child as Donald discusses his book, Your Legacy of Care.
    • Donald Bailey will examine how he and his wife dealt with his son’s autism diagnosis and how they initiated positive change in South Carolina’s special needs community via college “life” programs and much more on a personal, community and state level and now taking his message nationwide.

    Keynote by Speaker Donald Bailey

    Families Faced with Intellectual Disabilities: Your Life Plan for Financial and Legal Planning

    • With a passion for helping special needs families, Donald, has spent on a personal level more than 25 years living and learning about the challenges families with a special needs member deal with on a daily basis.
    • Having written two books, helped develop five college “life” programs for young people who have a developmental disability and parenting his son who is on the spectrum, Bailey discusses how it’s imperative that the families and caretakers of those who have an intellectual disability have a financial and legal life plan in order.
    • In this presentation, he covers issues like identifying your team of experts, determining how much it will take to provide financially for a lifetime and understanding the independent living issues.
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