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Building Resilient Businesses: The Power of Purpose

Bobby Jones

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Unlock Your Company's Potential with Bobby Jones, renowned speaker and strategist, empowering leaders to activate purpose and achieve transformative results.

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With his transformative keynotes, Bobby Jones empowers leaders to unlock their potential and drive exponential growth. Book Bobby Jones for your next event and witness the power of purpose as he inspires and motivates your team. Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your organization to new heights. Secure your Bobby Jones booking today and experience a keynote that will leave a lasting impact on your audience.

Why you should book Bobby Jones for your next event

  • Ignite Purpose: Bobby Jones will inspire and guide your team to unlock their purpose, fostering innovation, engagement, and personal fulfillment.
  • Actionable Tools: Through Bobby Jones’s insights and tools, your organization will gain practical strategies to activate purpose, driving inspired innovation and new frontiers for growth.
  • Global Influence: Bobby Jones has been a driving force in the worldwide movement towards conscious capitalism, helping organizations worldwide embrace purpose-driven leadership.

Introducing Bobby Jones, the keynote speaker who is redefining purpose-driven leadership and empowering organizations to reach new heights. With Bobby Jones as your motivational speaker, you can unlock the true potential of your team and drive exponential growth.

Known for his expertise in conscious capitalism and purpose-transformation, Bobby has been at the forefront of a worldwide movement towards inspiring businesses that make a difference. With 25 years of experience helping powerful brands drive growth and impact, Bobby has honed his ability to guide leaders in building resilient, adaptive, and thriving businesses.

When you book Bobby Jones for your event, you gain access to a wealth of knowledge and practical tools that will transform your organization. Bobby’s acclaimed best-selling book, “Good is the New Cool,” has become the go-to resource for C-Suite leaders across industries. It provides the inspiration, data, and tools necessary to lead and conduct business with purpose.

As the founder of Conspiracy of Love, an award-winning consultancy, Bobby Jones has worked with renowned brands such as adidas, Ford, Unilever, and PepsiCo. His expertise has helped these organizations activate their purpose to achieve inspired innovation, engaged employees, and new frontiers for growth.

With Bobby Jones as your keynote speaker, your organization will gain actionable insights, tangible strategies, and the motivation to drive change. Bobby’s transformative keynotes and workshops have a proven track record of delivering extraordinary results. He inspires purpose-driven work environments that unlock the potential of individuals and foster authentic connections, driving innovation and growth.

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Keynote by speaker Bobby Jones


Many companies have a purpose statement. It’s on the wall, but it doesn’t drive behavior. Why? Because many leaders lack the required expertise to bring it to life, resulting in the organization’s struggle to truly embody and activate its purpose, limiting its potential for growth and success. 

In this captivating talk, Bobby delivers a master class on purposeful leadership. Audiences walk away understanding how to bring the organization’s purpose to life to foster well-being, success, and resilience in their teams, resulting in increased engagement, innovation, and a deep sense of pride. By unlocking potential and fostering authentic connections, leaders and employees embrace strengths, drive growth, and thrive in purpose-driven settings. Bobby’s passionate message will leave you motivated and energized to lead with purpose, creating an inspiring and fulfilling work environment for all.

Key words: Leadership, Change | Change Management, Motivation | Inspiration, Human Resources | Workplace Culture  

Keynote by speaker Bobby Jones


There is this desire in every single one of us to live and work in a way that makes us come alive, and yet most people struggle to find it, and most leaders struggle to wake up the sense in themselves and others.  

Are you ready to unlock the power of purpose and revolutionize your work environment? Book Bobby Jones for this transformative talk as he guides you through the groundbreaking GPS to Purpose framework. Discover the secret to igniting passion and unleashing the true potential of your teams. In today’s world, where a staggering 87% of employees are disengaged, it’s time for a change. Bobby understands that a purpose-driven workplace goes beyond traditional success metrics. It’s about fostering well-being, improving relationships, enhancing health, and boosting motivation and resilience in your employees. By recognizing and embracing individual gifts, you can inspire innovation and cultivate growth. Through shared vision and a common purpose, both leaders and employees thrive. It’s time to harness the magic of purpose and create an inspiring hub of achievement. Take the leap and lead with passion, transforming your work environment into a place where everyone can thrive.

Key words: Leadership, Teamwork and Collaboration, Motivation | Inspiration, Human Resources | Workplace Culture, Change | Change Management, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Keynote by speaker Bobby Jones


Are you struggling to make authentic connections with Gen Z consumers through social impact? In this engaging and enlightening talk, Bobby Jones delves into the world of Gen Z, providing marketers with a winning formula to position their brands as authentic, meaningful, and highly desirable. Discover the secrets to designing marketing strategies that resonate with socially-conscious Gen Z consumers, fostering brand love and driving sales. Bobby presents a powerful 7-Step Model that empowers you to deliver meaningful impact while meeting the expectations of this influential generation. Get ready to transform your approach and captivate Gen Z with purpose-driven marketing. This talk is a game-changer for brand marketers looking to make a lasting connection and thrive in today’s ever-evolving landscape.

Key words: Leadership, Motivation | Inspiration, Marketing | Innovation

Keynote by speaker Bobby Jones


In this inspiring talk, Bobby Jones shares invaluable insights on harnessing the power of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DE&I) for business growth. Discover a practical framework to engage stakeholders as allies, fostering diversity and inclusion to drive lasting change. Learn how to make inclusivity the cornerstone of your business, unlocking new avenues for innovation and growth. Gain a deep understanding of the transformative impact of fostering a sense of belonging, fueling resilience and motivation while driving positive change in equity and diversity. Discover how prioritizing belonging enhances employee engagement, ignites creativity, and boosts productivity. This talk will empower you to embrace DE&I and cultivate belonging to propel your business forward with unprecedented success.

Key words: Leadership, Teamwork and Collaboration,  Motivation | Inspiration, Human Resources | Workplace Culture, Change | Change Management, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Keynote by speaker Bobby Jones


Get ready to be captivated by an insightful and passion-filled keynote featuring purpose pioneer Bobby Jones and futurist Lucie Green as they delve into the future of innovation. Join them on an exploration of six key macro themes: radical inclusivity, universal well-being, sustainable futures, community and connection, good culture, and civic and society. Gain a deep understanding of how these trends will shape consumer behavior, brand perception, and the way we shop, while embarking on a thrilling journey into the unknown.

This empowering Future of Good talk will equip you with the knowledge and tools to embrace emerging trends in sustainability, diversity and inclusion, and wellness. Navigate the ever-evolving consumer landscape and the culture of purpose with actionable insights and takeaways from trailblazing innovators. Get ready to be inspired and stay ahead in this dynamic and transformative era.

Key words: Motivation | Inspiration, Human Resources | Workplace Culture, Change | Change Management

Keynote by speaker Bobby Jones


In this impactful keynote, Bobby Jones reveals the profound impact of purpose in work on teamwork and collaboration. Discover how a shared sense of purpose can ignite a powerful synergy within teams, fostering collaboration, and driving exceptional results. Bobby shares inspiring stories and practical strategies to align individual and collective purpose, unlocking the true potential of your team. Experience the transformative power of purpose-driven work as it enhances communication, strengthens relationships, and fuels a collective drive towards a common goal. Prepare to be energized and equipped with the tools to harness purpose as a catalyst for teamwork and collaboration like never before.

Keynote by speaker Bobby Jones


Discover the extraordinary potential of purpose in driving organizational change in this compelling keynote by Bobby Jones. Learn how tapping into the purpose of your organization and your people can be a catalyst for transformative shifts. Uncover the secrets to aligning the core purpose of your organization with the individual purposes of your team members, unleashing a powerful force for change. Bobby shares actionable insights and inspiring examples that will empower you to harness purpose as a driving force for organizational transformation. Get ready to unlock the true potential of your organization by embracing purpose and embarking on a journey of meaningful change.

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Bobby Jones on Purpose: Speaker Reel

Watch Bobby Jones in action

Brands Should Speak To Young People As Citizens, Not Consumers | Bobby Jones

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Bobby Jones gave an energising closing keynote at our CMP Advance conference in New York to a room of about 200 professional event planners. Bobby spoke about how to find purpose in our work and build a culture rooted in purpose. He really connected with our participants and managed to move people, inspire them and make them feel excited about the impact they are making in the world. I highly recommend Bobby as a speaker to not only the events industry but to anyone who wishes to motivate and energise their people, lead with a deeper sense of purpose and unlock a new level of growth in line with our deeper potential.

Amy Calvert, CEO

Events Industry Council

Bobby, you were a huge hit with everyone and we so appreciate the energy, enthusiasm, excellent content and delivery that you bring. It has been an honor and a pleasure meeting and working with you. You are so accomplished and yet so humble. You are truly unique and a perfect fit for our global dialogue between young leaders and current leadership here in St. Gallen. A great leader and a wonderful example for so many.

Beat Ulrich

St. Gallen Symposium Switzerland

We had recognised that the topic of "purpose" for retailers was a critical topic for us to include in the World Retail Congress. In looking for the right person to address this, Bobby came highly recommended and he more than exceeded our expectations by delivering a dynamic, challenging and very effective keynote address. The feedback has been really excellent and helped ensure that we were able to start a conversation with delegates about “purpose“. Bobby followed up his keynote with an equally popular workshop at the Congress. We very much hope to work with Bobby in the future.

Ian McGarrigle

World Retail Congress

Bobby Jones is a thoughtful, refreshingly honest and insightful presenter who understands this uniquely important moment in social change in our country. He is one of our most highly rated speakers.

Ann Christiano

Co-Founder frank gathering

Thank you for inspiring my team at our annual meeting. Your passion really came through. We are excited to apply the message of value and creating a sense of purpose into our work moving forward. Thank you for a successful event!

Menaka Gopinath


Dear Bobby, first of all, thank you for coming to REINVENTION 2023. Besides doing an amazing presentation that was selected and commented as the favorite of many of the attendees, your amazing energy was key for the overall success of the event. We hope we can make this happen again in the future in our events in Ecuador or Latam.

Andrea Serrano

REINVENTION, world-class events in Latam
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