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Dynamic, creative and inspiring keynotes based on storytelling


Karen Palmer

travels from UK, USA

Film director, digital media artist, futurist and storyteller combining her talents in creative and dynamic keynotes

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Keynote speaker Karen Palmer is a successful film director, and digital artist. Her creative work combines storytelling and technology in a unique manner that fascinates audiences. Her talks create long-lasting impressions that are supported by her dynamic immersive video installations which inspire and empower the user.

Why book Karen Palmer?

  • She is well-rounded.  With her ingenious background in directing, Karen uses her skill of insight, technology, and creativity to enhance consumers thought process, and will power.  She then further demonstrates how to successfully apply these skills in any real-life situations.
  • She is futuristic.  Karen encourages consumers to use and boost your subconscious behavior as well as build new neurological pathways for effective use and stimulation for your own “gym of the mind”.  Applying this to your lifestyle enhances behavioral actions and reactions.
  • She is advanced.  Karen empowers thoughts through training, understanding, reflecting and many other strategies through the utilization of your own brain.  Optimize your self through the power of AI.

About Speaker Karen Palmer:

Karen Palmer is an artist whose work has received international acknowledgment through exhibition at prestigious Festivals, Museums, and Galleries. Ranging from the iconic V&A Museum in London to the Sheffield International Documentary Festival.

Her recent project SYNCSELF 2 recreates the process of transcending fear was showcased at the iconic V&A Museum. This interactive parkour experience is controlled by the user’s mental focus, monitored by EEG biosensors, technology developed by Brunel University London.

In order to further inspire people, Karen Palmer gives sought-after keynotes. She talks for example about her concept of creating a sense of mindfulness and “being in the moment” to simulate a physiological and spiritual journey through storytelling and technology. Neurogaming and women in technology are other matters of the heart to her. Karen wants to empower people to foster their creativity and mental focus.

Karen Palmer talks on the topics of new forms of immersive media encompassing Neurogaming, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality. She works within all these disciplines combining Film, Wearable Technology, Gaming, and Neuroscience. At the Sheffield International Documentary Festival 2015 she was a Panel Speaker on Neuroscience in Gaming.

Karen’s original emotionally responsive film, RIOT, which uses facial recognition and A.I. technology to navigate the viewer through a dangerous riot. If the viewer is confronted by a riot cop, and they respond with fear, the film goes in one direction and if the viewer responds with anger and it goes in another. RIOT makes the viewer aware of their subconscious behaviour and enables them to consciously build new neurological pathways in their brain. The RIOT prototype was honoured as part of the Digital Dozen Break Throughs in Storytelling 2016, Columbia DSL acknowledged the most innovative approaches to Narrative in the world in the industries of art, entertainment, journalism, and marketing.

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    Speaker Karen Palmer Keynote topics

    • Technology
    • Storytelling
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Virtual Reality
    • Neurogaming
    • Emerging Technologies
    • Women in Technology
Karen Palmer - video

Your Brain Is A Remote Control by Karen Palmer at TEDxSydney

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