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The Future Crashes into our Present


Karen Palmer

travels from UK, USA

As the Storyteller from the Future, she is an award winning XR creator and futurist who explores the implications of A.I and technology on societal structures and the impact of in-equality.

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Incorporating Neuroscience, Behavioural Psychology and the Parkour philosophy of moving through fear. As an international speaker she highlights the impact of technology from a social justice perspective and the necessity to Democratise AI. The Future of Storytelling as a return to the role of mythology as a form of rights of passage through utilising Art & Tech to influence Cognitive Behaviour and reprogram our subconscious behaviour.

Why you should book Karen Palmer for your next event

  • With her ingenious background in directing, Karen uses her skill of insight, technology, and creativity to enhance consumers thought process, and will power.  She then further demonstrates how to successfully apply these skills in any real-life situations.
  • Karen encourages consumers to use and boost your subconscious behavior as well as build new neurological pathways for effective use and stimulation for your own “gym of the mind”.  Applying this to your lifestyle enhances behavioral actions and reactions.
  • She empowers thoughts through training, understanding, reflecting and many other strategies through the utilization of your own brain.  Optimize your self through the power of AI.

Are you ready to immerse your audience in a keynote experience like no other? Introducing Keynote Speaker Karen Palmer, the mastermind behind transformative storytelling that blends AI and emotions to create captivating narratives.

In a world driven by AI and rapid technological advancements, Karen’s immersive experiences offer a glimpse into the future, enabling participants to simultaneously experience surveillance technologies and their potential integration into society. She challenges our understanding of data privacy, human rights, and civil liberties, making her keynotes not just thought-provoking, but game-changing.

When you book Karen Palmer for your event, you secure a powerhouse of expertise. Her TED Speaker status and Thought Leadership in AI, Immersive Storytelling, and Futurism bring unmatched credibility and authority to your organization. Her film “Consensus Gentium” won the coveted XR Experience Competition at SXSW 2023, setting her apart as an innovative and influential creator.

Beyond the XR realm, Karen Palmer’s achievements extend to the world of motorsport. As the daughter of Formula 1 star Gilles Villeneuve, she embodies determination, resilience, and triumph. Her experiences in Formula One, Indycar series, and the Indianapolis 500 make her a true triple crown winner and a captivating storyteller on life, risk, and success.

Booking Karen Palmer guarantees impactful discussions, as her films spark debates on technology’s power, unconscious biases, and the future of our society. Her research-based artistry since 2015 through Hack the Future Labs explores solutions to urgent issues impacting our rapidly changing world.

So, why settle for an ordinary keynote when you can elevate your event with the extraordinary? Book Keynote Speaker Karen Palmer and let her transformative storytelling leave an indelible mark on your audience. Prepare to be amazed, inspired, and forever changed.

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Keynote by Karen Palmer

The Future Crashes into our Present

Karen Palmer is the Storyteller from the Future and she has come back to enable you to survive what is to come through the power of storytelling but she did not come back alone. This Talk is a cautionary tale of the impeding future crashing into our present and the potential role of the audience.

The audience takeaways cover futurism trends such as:

  • Surveillance Cities masquerading as Smart Cities.
  • Digital Colonisation : Exportation of Surveillance Cultures.
  • Exploring the ethical implications and social ramifications of AI through storytelling.
  • Impending emergence of neural networked digital social platforms.
  • Protocols developed by the Resistance-ranging from creating Open Source AI to to Democratisation AI & Data Democratisation and Hacking the psychology of Fear to name a few.
Keynote by Karen Palmer

Storyteller from the Future initiatives

Hack the Future Labs.  In the time where she comes from they use the power of storytelling to envisage strategies of liberation. Empowering people to not just imagine alternative futures but create the tools, networks and open source tech to full-fill the visions.

She is currently in your time developing this blueprint now, titled  Hack the Future Labs Think & Action Tanks at the intersection of Art, Neuroscience, Technology, Activism, Social Justice, Spirituality and the Parkour Philosophy of moving through Fear.

New immersive emotionally responsive film experience Consensus Gentium. The film that watches you back using AI and facial detection technology to enable the participant to become conscious of their subconscious behaviour.

The takeaways from this talk will be:

  • A call to action that will inspire the audience to activate their agency.
  • Enable participants to experience the future today.
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Watch speaker Karen Palmer in action

Your Brain Is A Remote Control by Karen Palmer at TEDxSydney

Watch Karen Palmer in action

Karen Palmer: The film that watches you back

Watch speaker Karen Palmer in action

Mind hack: How to push past fear | Karen Palmer | Big Think

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