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Christina Mackay

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Unlock the art of negotiation with Christina Mackay. A recognized TEDx speaker, who offers actionable strategies for effective communication, persuasion, and sealing crucial deals.

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Unlock Success with Christina Mackay: A Negotiation Expert and Entrepreneurship Catalyst. Her dynamic approach and global perspective inspire actionable strategies for navigating challenges, enhancing communication, and sealing vital deals. As CEO of Venture6, she partners with elite investors to craft exceptional portfolios. Recognized worldwide as a keynote speaker, executive coach, and workshop leader. Christina's expertise from TEDx to top institutions guarantees transformation for your team. Book her to inspire and transform your business!

Reasons to book Christina Mackay

  • With a deep-seated global perspective, Christina brings a unique understanding of diverse cultures and styles. This invaluable perspective is a tool for building strong, multicultural relationships and expanding your business globally.
  • Christina fosters an entrepreneurial mindset, equipping your organization with the tools to navigate complex challenges. Her insights will inspire your team to embrace innovation and seize opportunities.
  • As CEO of Venture6, Christina collaborates with elite investors, offering a wealth of knowledge and insights in crafting exceptional investment portfolios for your organization.

As a recognized keynote speaker, booking Christina Mackay for your event means equipping your team with the tools to navigate these complex challenges. Her passion for the art of negotiation and her ability to foster an entrepreneurial mindset have a transformative impact.

Christina’s dynamic approach doesn’t just cover negotiation techniques; it inspires a deeper comprehension of human interaction. Professionals in your organization will learn to enhance their conversations, seal crucial deals, and forge meaningful relationships in today’s competitive business world.

With Christina’s guidance, your team will master effective communication and the power of persuasion without dominance. Her expertise, showcased through TEDx talks and prestigious institution lectures, guarantees that her insights are not just theoretical but backed by practical success.

As the CEO of Venture6, Christina partners with elite high-net-worth investors to craft exceptional investment portfolios, adding a unique dimension to her portfolio of accomplishments. Her background as a Management Consultant with EY in New York and London and her eight-year tenure honing her specializations in strategy, program management, and relationship management provide a solid foundation for her motivational and instructional presentations.

In the ever-evolving landscape of business, Christina Mackay is the key to unlocking your team’s potential. By booking Christina Mackay for your event, you’re ensuring that your organization gains the insights, motivation, and actionable strategies needed to thrive in today’s competitive market. Don’t miss the opportunity to harness her expertise and transform your team’s success.

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Speaker Christina Mackay Keynote Topics

Innovate, Collaborate & Lead: Overcoming Entrepreneurial Challenges

Struggling to lead your organization through the maze of modern entrepreneurship? Are you facing challenges in negotiation, innovation, pitching, and fostering a collaborative, growth-oriented mindset?

Keynotes by Christina Mackay hold the key to your solutions. With a dynamic approach and expertise honed through years of success, Christina provides actionable strategies for entrepreneurial leadership. She sheds light on effective communication, the power of persuasion without dominance, and the skill to find common ground in tough negotiations. Her insights inspire a deeper comprehension of human interaction, enabling professionals to enhance their conversations, seal crucial deals, and foster innovation through collaboration. Christina’s keynotes transform your mindset and empower your organization for entrepreneurial excellence. Book now and chart your path to success in the competitive world of entrepreneurship.

Audience takeaways:

  • Forge meaningful relationships and seal crucial deals.
  • Unlock solutions for modern entrepreneurial challenges
  • Gain actionable strategies for effective communication and persuasion
  • Foster a collaborative, growth-oriented mindset
  • Navigate innovation, negotiation, and pitching with confidence
  • Transform your organization for entrepreneurial excellence
Watch Christina McKay in action!

The Magic Behind Day Dreaming | Christina Mackay | TEDxOxbridge

See keynotes with Christina Mackay
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