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Gerald Clerx

Motivational Speaker & Expert on Client Engagement
Country: USA

Popular keynote speaker Gerald Clerx is an expert on the topic of client engagement.  His professional mission is to help his clients increase their business win rate as well as their customer satisfaction ratings by mastering the core skills of client engagement. Gerald is a highly sought-after keynote speaker recognized throughout the industry for his fresh and innovative message coupled with his engaging and entertaining presentation style.

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Speaker Gerald Clerx is an internationally recognized thought leader on the topic of client engagement. His message has broad appeal and is relevant to anyone in a client facing role, either internally or externally. His latest book “Secrets of The WINNING Pitch” is poised to be another industry best-seller. In this book, Gerald introduces the five critical elements of every successful presentation. When successfully applied his clients confirm a 90% business win rate. Gerald doesn’t just speak on the topic, he demonstrates what he preaches in every presentation he delivers.

Gerald’s training promise is to deliver timely, relevant and client-centric content in an engaging and entertaining delivery style. Simply put, he makes audiences feel good and event planners look fantastic.

Gerald is the architect of the ‘Gap Analysis Client Engagement Model. For the past 15 years, he has been in the field helping his global clients use this model to increase their business win rate and bolster customer satisfaction levels all by delivering a superior client experience. One of his commercial real estate clients uses this model at a global level to help them transact over 200 billion in real estate annually.

An ability to instantly connect with his audience is one of Gerald’s greatest gifts. Humor is a powerful tool in learning and speaker Gerald Clerx applies it masterfully. His international travels have afforded him a broad perspective of human behavior with plenty of real-life experiences to draw on, as well as global best practices to share.

    Keynote by Speaker Gerald Clerx

    The ‘Engagement Styles’ Matrix – The science of connecting with your clients

    • Recognizing the strengths and limitations of your ‘engagement style’
    • How to read a client’s ‘engagement style’ in under 2 minutes
    • How to align your product or service message to your client’s decision-making needs

    Keynote by Speaker Gerald Clerx

    Secrets of the WINNING Pitch – The five elements of a successful presentation

    • How to structure a presentation that convinces logically and inspires emotionally
    • How to align the content of your message with your client’s decision-making needs
    • How to communicate a message with confidence and conviction

    Keynote by Speaker Gerald Clerx

    Mastering Win/Win Negotiations – Overcoming objections with ‘The ACRE Formula’.

    • How to alleviate client fears and re-establish transactional momentum
    • How to resolve client frustrations using non-defensive communication skills
    • How to overcome client positions with interest-based collaborative solutions
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