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Breaking Financial Barriers: A Visionary Perspective

Emilie Bellet

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Emilie Bellet, disruptor in personal finance, elevates your team's financial IQ. With Vestpod's visionary CEO, redefine financial success for your organization.

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Supercharge your event with Emilie Bellet's transformative keynote. As Vestpod's CEO, she offers unparalleled insights, unraveling the complexities of personal finance. Elevate your audience's financial literacy and empower them to navigate a path towards lasting prosperity. Book Emilie now for an experience that will leave a lasting impact on your audience's mindset and financial well-being.

Why you should book Emilie Bellet for your next event

  • Unlock financial prowess: Emilie Bellet’s keynote imparts tools for lasting wealth and fiscal confidence.
  • Navigate money matters effortlessly: Emilie Bellet’s expertise transforms financial challenges into opportunities.
  • Emilie Bellet, CEO of Vestpod, revolutionizes financial narratives, offering tools for wealth creation.

Emilie Bellet, a prominent figure in personal finance, is the CEO and founder of the award-winning digital platform, Vestpod. With a background in private equity, Emilie has spent the last decade dedicated to empowering individuals, particularly women, in navigating their financial journeys. Breaking the taboo around money, Emilie adopts a friendly, down-to-earth approach, making financial conversations inclusive and inspiring.

As a keynote speaker, Emilie Bellet is renowned for her transformative insights. Her keynotes unravel financial complexities, providing practical solutions to empower lasting prosperity. She addresses structural issues impacting women and money, emphasizing the resources like Vestpod to achieve financial security.

Emilie’s expertise extends to the written word, with her bestseller book, “You’re Not Broke, You’re Pre-Rich,” offering relatable and concise financial advice. Additionally, her podcast, “The Wallet,” provides a platform for discussions on financial well-being.

A recognized authority in the field, Emilie has shared her insights with diverse audiences, from major banks like JP Morgan to tech giants like TikTok. She has been featured in prestigious publications such as the Financial Times, Forbes, and Vogue.

To harness Emilie Bellet’s transformative expertise for your event, consider booking her as a keynote speaker. With a focus on financial wellness and empowerment, Emilie brings a unique perspective to reshape mindsets and guide audiences towards enduring success. Book Emilie Bellet for a keynote that goes beyond traditional finance talks, offering tailored, actionable strategies for your audience’s financial journey.

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Keynote by speaker Emilie Bellet

Financial health is central to overall well being

Almost 8 in 10 UK employees take their money worries to work, affecting their performance (Money & Pensions Service). Research by Neyber estimates that money worries cost the UK economy £120bn and 17.5 million lost hours of work. Most employers now recognise a link between financial wellbeing and productivity, with nine out of ten saying that financial concerns impact upon staff performance.
Employers have a key role to play. Financial empowerment is important to help employees feel secure and manage their money effectively and improve their financial wellbeing. This includes understanding products and services available to them in the workforce.

Keynote by speaker Emilie Bellet

What's driving the cost of living crisis? And what can you do about it?

With the cost of living crisis, inflation and rising interest rates it’s no wonder a lot of us are feeling lost about what to do with our finances. Let’s discuss why this is happening and I will also share tips and tricks to making sure you’re being as savvy as possible with your money during this tough economic time. If you want to protect your money, it’s important you tighten any loose ends, review all your spending habits / credit and have a clear plan on how you will repay any loans. Today’s trends impacting our personal finances The way we manage our finances is changing fast, as is the way we work and live. Tech is changing our wallets and financial lives. We consume differently, change our consumer habits and spend/save/invest money seamlessly. What are the main current trends and what is their impact on how we manage our money: fintech, flexible work, social media, sustainability and the sharing economy.

Keynote by speaker Emilie Bellet

Five money tips to build long term wealth

How do you feel about managing your money? Do you think you can improve your relationship with your personal finances? How can you save more money and build a sound financial future? In this workshop, I will give you practical guidance for you to get started – debunking the financial jargon and breaking the money taboo. I will also give you my top actionable money tips from repaying debt, saving, budgeting, setting financial goals to investing for the long term.

Keynote by speaker Emilie Bellet

Gender equality in finance / money

On average, women’s pensions are £100,000 less than men’s due to gender pay gap and childcare commitments. We also have a £15 billion gender investment gap in the UK. I strongly believe that we can change these stats. I want to help women to strive to be more financially independent, to live their lives on their terms, while feeling secure and confident about their present and future.
In this talk, I will talk about the gender pay and wealth gaps, non linear careers, difference in financial goals for men/women, why women make great investors but also stereotypes and discrimination when it comes to money, how to make the money conversation more inclusive.

Keynote by speaker Emilie Bellet

Investing myths debunked

Investing is key to building financial independence and reaching long term goals. When you invest over a long period, you want your money to outpace inflation and benefit from compound growth. While it’s essential to have ‘rainy day’ cash savings, playing it safe by stashing your money in low-interest-rate savings accounts is actually risky because that money will lose value over time. Practical tips on investing, how to get started and why do people invest money?


  • Female entrepreneurs / founders
  • Angel investing
  • Educating kids about money
  • Finance for freelancers
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