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Calum Chace

Best-selling Author & Expert on Artificial Intelligence
Country: UK

Keynote speaker Calum Chace is a sought-after speaker on the topic of artificial intelligence and its impact on all of us as individuals, societies and economies. He has a background in business strategy, journalism and marketing but retired in 2012 to focus on speaking and writing.

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Calum Chace has written multiple books on artificial intelligence and its potential impact to our society including the fiction techno-thriller Pandora’s Brain as well as two non-fiction books: Surviving AI and The Economic Singularity that serve as great introductions to artificial intelligence. On his blog Pandora’s Brain, he discusses the possibility of a machine with human-level cognition and how and when humans will become the second smartest species in the world.

To enjoy the benefits of artificial intelligence there are obstacles and challenges to overcome which Calum discusses and explains in his keynotes. The consequences of robots with superintelligence taking over our jobs can be terrible or great, and it’s up to us to decide how the outcome affects us.

    Speaker Calum Chace Keynote Topics

    Artificial intelligence and the century of two singularities

    • In this talk Calum Chace introduces the belief that we are facing the possibility of two extraordinary social and economic transformations
    • Discover why you should welcome artificial intelligence and how to react and how we can move forward together.
    • This keynote is relevant to anyone with an interest in our future. Many people agree that artificial intelligence and superintelligence will affect us and our jobs and businesses and we must know how to handle the change. 


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