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Candina Weston

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Unlocking AI Excellence: Candina Weston, a transformative force for organizations.

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Unlock limitless potential with keynote speaker Candina Weston. Harness 20+ years of global B2B and B2C transformation expertise. Drive innovation and sustainable growth with her AI insights. Experience her dynamic presentations, tailored to your organization's needs. Candina Weston is the catalyst for success in the digital age. Book her today and stay ahead of the curve.

Why you should book Candina Weston for your next event

  • AI Transformation Expertise: Gain actionable insights from Candina Weston’s 20+ years of AI and transformation experience.
  • Innovation Catalyst: Candina’s expertise drives innovation and sustainable growth for your business.
  • SDG Space Advocate: She actively invests in and advises companies owned by female entrepreneurs in the SDG space, embodying a commitment to sustainable development goals.

Candina Weston is a distinguished professional with a remarkable career spanning over two decades. Her journey is marked by leadership, transformation, and a profound commitment to the realm of AI, innovation, and female empowerment.

One of her standout roles was as the acting Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Microsoft Asia, where she led the marketing strategies for Asia. She also took on the dual role of CMO & COO at Global Experiential Marketing. In this position, she headed a team responsible for digitizing one of Microsoft’s main ways of generating leads, all while keeping a sharp eye on reducing environmental impact.

Candina has been an influential player in handling big changes, particularly in one of the most massive sales transformations a Fortune 500 company has ever seen. She’s also a pro at using AI to make businesses perform better and deliver content smarter.

As a keynote speaker, Candina offers organizations a wealth of knowledge in AI and transformation. She tailors her presentations to address the unique challenges of each organization. Her impressive global experience and Fortune 500 background make her keynotes even more valuable. She’s a champion for innovation and sustainable growth in the digital age.

But Candina’s influence doesn’t stop there. She’s a strong advocate for women in tech and is actively involved in supporting female entrepreneurs working on projects related to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In short, Candina Weston brings years of experience and insight to her keynotes. She’s the perfect choice if your organization wants to navigate AI and innovation for sustainable growth. Her focus on diversity and sustainability makes her a compelling choice for leadership and guidance in a rapidly changing world.

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Global Leadership Insights in AI and Transformation

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, staying ahead is a constant challenge. Candina Weston’s keynotes are your solution. With over two decades of expertise, she navigates the complex world of AI and transformation. Organizations grapple with the need to adapt and innovate, and Candina provides the answers.

Her keynotes are a blueprint for success, tailored to your specific challenges. Candina brings global experience and a Fortune 500 leadership background to the table. She doesn’t just talk theory; she delivers actionable insights. Her expertise isn’t just about tech; it’s about people and processes, too.

AI can be daunting, but with Candina, it becomes your strategic advantage. From empowering female entrepreneurs to driving sustainability, she’s the holistic change agent you need. Candina Weston’s keynotes don’t just solve your AI pain points; they ignite a transformational journey.

Audience Takeaways:

  • Unlock the potential of AI for your organization.
  • Actionable insights for tech, people, and processes.
  • Empower female entrepreneurs and drive sustainability.
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