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Jose Flores

travels from USA

Corporate Keynote Speaker | Motivational Speaker | #1 Best-Selling Author | Chairman of DEI Board | Minority and Disability Owned & Certified with the (NMSDC) and (DOBE)

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Speaker Jose Flores is a captivating international expert of motivation. He travels the world sharing his special story of the struggles of growing up with a physical disability. As a speaker, trainer and coach, he is passionate about showing the world how to overcome both business and personal struggles. To bring forth transformation and maximize results, Jose developed an unique system helping any audience to get through.

Why book Speaker Jose Flores?

  • He lives above his predicament. Regardless of his diagnosis, Jose has progressively beat the odds of ill-thoughts and failure due to his positive mindset.  Jose demonstrates how creating your strength and light, starts with you.
  • He practices what he preaches. Jose teaches audience members the importance of “mental toughness”. Leading with such capabilities creates a flourishing environment for success.
  • He is indispensable. Just as his line, “Indispensable Now”, Jose inspires audience members and organizations on building and embracing yourself despite any circumstances that may arise. Book Jose today for endless opportunities of growth.

“I go all over the place and help people turn that feeling of insignificance and turn it into a feeling of being absolutely necessary” – Speaker Jose Flores

As a person born and diagnosed with a Spinal Muscular Atrophy, the life story of speaker Jose Flores is genuinely inspiring. From an early age, Jose focused on the positives and learned to overcome the adversities by never allowing struggles to become the standard. Today, he travels all over the world to give the audience the power of overcoming their obstacles.

To maximize results and bring forth motivation, Jose is ready to help everyone he meets. By being an experienced speaker, he already helped corporations, non-profits, and college students. His unique way of captivating the audience complements the message: never give up and push through until you get through.

Speaker Jose Flores is ready to motivate your audience. He will assist the organization in creating a culture of diversity and share his knowledge of leadership. Furthermore, as an expert in mind management and effective communication, he will supply the audience with the tools to do more, learn more, and become more.

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Keynote by speaker Jose Flores

Blasting Through Boundaries (It's in our blood)

In this talk, Jose Flores a Latin American from Puerto Rican descent discusses being a double minority who is “differently abled,” living his best life now by impacting millions of lives, and doing it all from a wheelchair. He talks about overcoming adversity and breaking the stereotypes that society often places on people. He shows you how the mind is the most powerful asset and resource that we have and how to use it to your advantage. There’s no better time than now to rise above all the noise, maximize your abilities, and create the life you’ve always wanted.
Audience Takeaways (Applies to personal and business development):
  • Audience members will discover how diversity propels innovation in your organization, university, or small business.
  • Audience members will learn how to keep a positive attitude and outlook no matter what they’re going through.
  • Audience members will hear compelling stories of overcoming adversity, perseverance, and mental resilience from Jose and other Latinos that will inspire you to succeed even when the odds are stacked against you.
  • Audience members will learn that as a minority, you can still play big and play to win.
Keynote by speaker Jose Flores

M.I.N.D Management

Time management is important, but it won’t balance the mind. How to process the 50k-70k thoughts that the brain have to process on a daily basis?

Speaker Jose Flores will show the audience how to manage the mind. As a result, audience members will learn how to increase performance and productivity and how to get laser focused by getting clear on what really matters.

Keynote by speaker Jose Flores

Creating and Implementing a Winning Culture Strategy

To reach new heights of success, it is essential to develop a winning strategy.

In this topic, speaker Jose Flores will show the audience how to harness their special abilities and talents they have. This creates a team where everyone can learn, win and grow together.

Keynote by speaker Jose Flores

Indispensable Leadership

Being a leader nowadays is a difficult task: it is not about being the authority, it is about leading by example.

In this topic, Jose will show leaders how to develop a successful lifestyle, both for the leader and the team. As a result, the leaders will learn how to become indispensable by having self-respect and respect for others.

Motivational speaker Jose Flores

Catch Jose in action!

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