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Top anger and emotional management specialist who will help improve interpersonal communication and productivity

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Keynote speaker Christian Conte is a well-known mental health expert who specializes in anger management, family therapy, and human behavior. A familiar face across the US, Conte has co-hosted The Secret Life of Kids and Coaching Bad. He is a strong communicator and always gets his message across in a relatable and engaging way.

3 Reasons to Book Speaker Christian Conte

  • Conte has spoken at many events and consulted several corporations, and his methods have been proven to work! With his keynotes, he provides practical take-home tools to live a healthy and productive life in the workspace, school and at home!
  • He is an experienced and entertaining speaker who always delivers engaging and dynamic content. Your audience will laugh while learning and transforming their lives.
  • Christian Conte has a large social media following, and people recognize him from TV and radio. It will give the audience a sense of recognizability and immediately make them listen and pay attention.

Dr. Christian Conte has a Ph.D. in counseling and holds several certifications and licenses within the field of mental health to ensure that he is as knowledgeable as possible on his speaking topics. Conte has also developed his own personal theory to psychotherapy called the Yield Theory, which he describes as an approach to counseling and being less judgmental and more understanding of the people we meet.

As a speaker Christian Conte is entertaining and brings a sense of compassion to the stage. He very quickly gains his audience’s trust and knows exactly how to get his message across in an understanding and inspiring way. Emotional management and personal growth are very important aspects of today’s stressful and ever-changing world. More and more corporations and institutions are finally learning to open up and talk about emotions and personal challenges, however, few understand how to do it while still moving forward and growing as a company. This is where Dr. Conte’s expertise comes in! He truly is a speaker you cannot miss out on!

See keynotes with Dr. Christian Conte

    Keynote by Speaker Christian Conte

    The Power to Take Control of Your Life

    • Everyone goes through tough times in personal and professional relationships, and perhaps we feel misunderstood or mistreated. This typically happens because we unknowingly hand over our own power to manage our emotions, and we fail to align our expectations with reality.
    • In this eye-opening keynote, speaker Christian Conte shows how we can use our inner power to build strong relationships and solve conflicts.
    • The audience will feel empowered to control their lives and make decisions that will benefit their lives in the long run!

    Keynote by Speaker Christian Conte

    Compassionate Communications

    • Communication is the key to all success – in life, school, relationships and at work.
    • In this informative and entertaining keynote, you will learn how to effectively communicate and have productive conversations with the people around you.
    • Speaker Christian Conte provides simple techniques that will help remove your frustration with your relationships and ensure that people will listen to you.

    Keynote by Speaker Christian Conte

    Leading with Compassion

    • In this keynote, speaker Christian Conte uses a compelling set of tools and exercises designed to teach his audience how to lead with compassion and understanding.
    • Dr. Conte covers a range of topics in this keynote including conflict resolution, compassionate communication and how to motivate others.
    • This insightful and thought-provoking keynote is perfect for anyone wanting to become a better leader. Compassionate leadership will, in the long run, lead to motivated teams and productive employees!

    Keynote by Speaker Christian Conte

    The Moments That Define You

    • Last year, there were one trillion photos taken by more than 2.5 billion cell phone cameras. Moments in our lives are kept forever, whether we like it or not.
    • In this inspirational keynote, speaker Christian Conte leads his audience in a thought experiment designed to promote consciousness of our actions and build character, while distinguishing ourselves and our place in the world.
    • This keynote is great for schools and colleges who wish to focus on the consequences of today’s digital world.
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See keynotes with Dr. Christian Conte
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