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Dr. Kim Bateman

Motivational speaker, author & workshop facilitator
Country: USA

The keynote speaker Kim Bateman is a humorist and clinical psychologist with a background in education. Her topics include the psychology of humor, death/dying/bereavement, and organizational culture. She is an experienced keynote speaker and workshop facilitator and will help you laugh, think, and feel your way to new perspectives during difficult times.

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When our speaker Kim Bateman was just 25, she lost her 21 year old brother tragically in an avalanche. This experience inspired the integration of humor, worldwide folktales, and psychological theory to offer new perspectives in difficult times. In 1999, she earned her PhD in Clinical Psychology, and began teaching, facilitating workshops, and presenting motivational speeches. She is best known for her keynotes on humor and death/dying and bereavement. Recently, Dr. Bateman delivered a TEDx talk called “Singing Over Bones,” spoke at the International Bereavement Conference, as well as the 10th Global Conference on Dying and Death, among others.

Dr. Bateman’s book, “Crossing the Owl’s Bridge: A Guide for Grieving People Who Still Love,” complements her other work, ”Symbolmaking and Bereavement: The Temples at Burning Man,” and Death Dialogues blog. The premise is that although we do have to say goodbye to our material relationship, we are also being presented with a chance to say hello to a different type of relationship. Her writing, speeches, and workshops illustrate creative outcomes to mourning that allow one to recognize, contain, release, and yet stay in relationship and keep loving.

Dr. Bateman also speaks regularly on improving morale at large institutions. Using the song lyrics of Bob Marley and psychological theory, the keynote speaker Kim Bateman outlines the tasks inherent in practicing the art of reconciliation.  Particular emphasis is placed on negotiating tensions in organizational cultures suffering from diminishing resources, competing factions, and growing interpersonal friction.

Having experienced difficulties both in institutional settings and her personal life, the spirited speaker Kim Bateman knows how it feels. With 20 years of experience, she can help you live, laugh and love again. Dr. Bateman can guide you through humor, personal experiences and her impressive educational background.

    Speaker Kim Bateman Keynote Topics

    • Humor
    • Death
    • Organizational culture
    • Bereavement
    • Psychology
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