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Chad Cooper

Top Coach & Time Management Expert
Country: USA

Speaker Chad Cooper is the author behind the renowned book “Time Isn’t The Problem”. He has coached and helped multiple professional athletes and top CEOs and is a sought-after and popular speaker. Chad seeks to build unique and dynamic speaking experiences where everyone walks home feeling inspired and ready to take action.

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Time keeps moving forward… So can you.

At age 35, speaker Chad Cooper decided to retire from his job at Microsoft and start coaching. His success quickly grew and his skills were requested by top executives, athletes and Olympic medalists. Chad works from the fundamental idea that everyone can lead extraordinary lives if they put in the work, and Chad is here to give practical tools and advice to ensure this.

Chad’s success and knowledge is the result of years of hard work and learning from the best of the best in different industries. Chad has now developed methods and tools that will help you reach the top of your game and live a better life. Most people recognize the constant worry of having too much to do but too little time. It happens at work, and it happens at home. Chad has discovered what it takes to go from surviving to thriving and he’s ready to teach you how to maximize your time and reduce stress.

As a speaker Chad Cooper is practical, entertaining and educating, and his high-energy and charisma makes him a popular top speaker.

You have 168 hours in a week. Are you going to waste your time?


    Speaker Chad Cooper Keynote Topics

    Time Management – The Rules of 168 Hours

    • This keynote is based on Chad’s book “Time Isn’t The Problem” and the audience will learn how to master the 168 hours of a week.
    • Understand your schedule and learn how to balance work, relationships, home life, children and everything in between
    • Speaker Chad Cooper will help you understand your own self-worth and your true purpose.


    Other popular keynotes:

    • The Secret Assets of High Performer’s achieving a Legendary Lifestyle
    • Understanding Relationships – Masculine/Feminine Energy
    • The Mind of an Extraordinary Professional Athlete
    • Business Results Growth in Record Time
    • Having it All! How to excel in your career, personal life, and health


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