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Christoph Spiessens

Christoph Spiessens

Employee Engagement Coach
Country: UK

Keynote speaker Christoph Spiessens is a published author, accredited coach and business owner. Christoph develops inspirational training programmes that help organisations dramatically improve employee engagement. He has been helping managers build successful, genuine, creative and award-winning workplaces for over 10 years. 

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A highly sought-after coach and certified speaker Christoph Spiessens works with clients worldwide. He is the organiser of the popular Mindful Manager seminars and his consultancy is an Open Awards recognised Training Centre.

Speaker Christoph Spiessens is at his happiest when he can recharge others. His signature coaching style helps identify what really holds employees back from their potential and ultimately how to deliver better results. Christoph believes each person has a motivation story and that by working with clients both individually and at the group level he can help them improve not only their performance, but the overall company performance.

Christoph’s  ideal clients are “conscious companies” where he can help connect employees to the best versions of themselves. A selection of sectors where he has inspired employees to significantly improve their performance include: Business Travel, Telecoms, Luxury car industry, and Charity.


    Speaker Christoph Spiessens Keynote Topics

    • Employee Engagement: Why Holistic Development Drives Sales and Customer Experience
    • Mindful Manager: Holistic Leadership Development
    • Behind the Scenes of Happiness: Mental Health for Coaches and Learning & Development Professionals
    • Life of a Lifetime: Inspiration for Creating Your Extraordinary Life (based on Christoph’s popular book)
    • Omotenashi: The Art of Hospitality
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