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Philanthropic Trailblazer: Inspiring Success Beyond Limits

Alana Stott, MBE

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Elevate your event with Alana Stott, MBE – a renowned entrepreneur and philanthropist.

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Unlock success with Alana Stott, MBE. Elevate your event with a dynamic keynote speaker whose diverse expertise, from entrepreneurship to philanthropy, inspires actionable strategies. Benefit from her proven track record, driving positive change and aligning business goals with impactful social contributions. Book now for an unforgettable experience in transformative leadership and unparalleled success.

Why you should book Alana Stott, MBE for your next event

  • Strategic Visionary: Alana Stott empowers teams with actionable strategies for transformative success.
  • Impactful Philanthropy: Book Alana Stott for insights on aligning business goals with social impact.
  • MBE Awardee: Alana Stott’s keynote unlocks success, blending accolades with actionable business strategies.

Alana Stott, an MBE-awarded entrepreneur, philanthropist, and keynote speaker, boasts a dynamic career weaving through diverse industries. As the founder of Wolfraven Omnimedia, she navigates the realms of authorship, production, and publishing to tell inspiring stories that drive positive change. With a global impact mindset, Stott dedicates her time to tirelessly advocate for charitable causes, contributing to mental health awareness, supporting veterans, and combating human trafficking.

Stott’s career journey is a testament to her belief that nothing is out of reach. From her early days as a traveling salesperson to roles as a debt collector, bodyguard, and security specialist, she embraced every challenge. Her repertoire expanded to include hotel and bank management, earning her the title of former Mrs. Scotland and the CEO of an intelligence-based security firm.

An honorary member of The Special Boat Services Association, Stott’s commitment to security is evident in her qualifications as a Ship Security Officer and Company Security Officer. She’s one of the first women to receive the latter designation, qualifying her to oversee security on any vessel at sea. Stott is also a fully-qualified Close Protection Officer.

In the realm of philanthropy, Stott’s accolades include ‘Fundraiser of the Year’ (2018) and Scottish Businesswoman of the Year runner-up (2019). In 2018, she raised $1.3 million for a mental health awareness campaign at the request of Prince Harry and her husband, Dean Stott. Her fundraising extends to organizing grand red carpet events for injured special forces soldiers and their families.

Recognized for her achievements, Alana Stott was awarded the MBE on the King’s Honor List in 2023 for her dedicated work supporting vulnerable women and mental health awareness. Stott’s keynotes, fueled by her rich experiences, inspire transformative leadership, aligning business strategies with societal impact. Her diverse expertise promises event organizers an immersive experience that blends empowerment, innovation, and actionable insights for unparalleled success.

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Keynote by speaker Alana Stott, MBE

She Who Dares

Inspired by her memoir “She Who Dares” This conversation will inspire, elevate and empower women to persevere despite the obstacles that might be thrown their way.

Keynote by speaker Alana Stott, MBE

How To Ask For Money

Did you know asking for money falls into peoples top ten fears? not many can sum up the courage to do it. Alana is a renowned fundraising consultant and has devised a formula that when practiced correctly will guarantee you success. Whether it be for a pay raise, pitching investors, a new venture, or fundraising for a charity, Alana will walk you through some of the most important steps when asking for money. Her formula MAPS will leave the audience armed with the knowledge to conquer their fears around money.

Keynote by speaker Alana Stott, MBE

The Buck Stops Here

If you want some done right you have to do it yourself, and this is how Alana has achieved her success. The Buck Stops Here embodies the values of accountability, risk-taking, and learning from failure.

Keynote by speaker Alana Stott, MBE

Combatting Human Trafficking

Alana is a security specialist whose focus is on the education in the prevention of human trafficking. There is a large majority of people who don’t grasp the magnitude of this pandemic and that’s where Alana’s knowledge can really make a difference. From explaining what human trafficking is, to explaining how we can prevent it, to how we can spot someone who is a victim, and how we all can make a difference, Alana’s insights can bring a crowd together to fight the problem at its core.

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